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Guilherme Paulus Prominent Brazilian Businessman

Guilherme Paulus, founded CVC Brazil in 1972 at the age of 24 with Carlos Vicente Cerchiarz and the GJP group in 2005. CVC a tourism business, also known as Operadora e Agência de Viagens CVC Tour LTDA, generates an annual revenue a 5.2 billion dollars and increases every year by partnering with hotels and airlines, now the largest tour operator in Latin America Guilherme Paulus sold all but 8% of the company for 750 million dollars. CVC Brazil opens 100 stores each year in less populated areas to attract new clientele.

Paulus is the president and chairman of the board at GJP hotels and resorts. GJP’s top 2 locations, Saint Andrews and Wish Serrano Resort, are located in Serra Gaúcha. Guilherme Paulus desire for new hotels and resorts has led to the construction of a new GJP luxury hotel in Sao Paulo with a new flag, which means a new brand in the GJP group. The new hotel with 65 apartments and a restaurant is scheduled to open between 2020 and 2021.

Social accountability is a large concern of Guilherme Paulus. This is evident through his services to the community such as his involvement in the PIET project, which provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth, and the fact that he spent six hundred million dollars of his own money to build hotels in Brazil generating 1.9 thousand jobs. Guilherme has won several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year award, best golf hotel award, many Brazilian awards such as personality of the year, and awards from several governments. Both Guilherme Paulus and his companies are nationally and internationally recognized with Paulus being a member of the national tourism Council for approximately 15 years. Guilherme’s drive and ambition are the reason for his success, he bought a small Airline called Webjet and sold it as the third largest airline in Brazil, he also turned his business degree into an near five-decade career in tourism.