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End Citizens United Endorses Conor Lamb

In 2010 the Supreme Court issued a decision that would forever change the nature of campaign finance in the United States of America. This decision is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commision. As a result of the decision that was made by the Supreme Court the regulations that limited the amount of money that could be spent on political campaigns by ultra wealthy individuals were eliminated.

In 2015 End Citizens United was formed as part of an effort to organize political resistance to the corruption of the American democratic system by the wealthy elite of the country. As an organization End Citizens United is funded by grassroots funding methods. They have the goal of helping to elect individuals who will overturn the decision that was made by the Supreme Court in 2010 and and the influence of big money in politics.

End Citizens United has recently announced that they will be adding a member of the US House of Representatives to their list of individuals who have been bought and paid for by billionaires. This individual is Keith Rothfus. The list of individuals that is kept by End Citizens United is known as the Big Money 20 list.

The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, has stated that this individual is one of the worst offenders when it comes to ignoring the American populace in favor of billionaire interests. As a result, they have decided that it is of the utmost important to have him thrown from office by helping to elect a pro-finance reform candidate. The candidate that they have chosen to run against him is Democrat Conor Lamb. The organization has already backed him whatever he was running for the 18th Congressional District. They donated $250,000 to finance an ad campaign for him during this campaign.

It is the belief of the organization that campaign-finance issues will be able to sway voters away from the Republican Party in order to vote for candidates who are going to push campaign-finance reform once they are in office.

Currently, as an organization, they have been able to raise over $30 million since they were first formed. They are also home to over 3 million members and have been one of the strongest grassroots political action committees to have ever been formed in the United States of America.

Betsy DeVos political and philanthropic journey

Betsy is happily married to Dick DeVos, and they are blessed with four children. The couple is well known for their kind heart and philanthropic history. They own the famous Windquest Group, and Betsy DeVos works as the managing chair. The DeVos family business is located in Michigan. They focus on technology, manufacturing and water services. The duo also own a Neurocore Company which deals with biofeedback therapy. They help patients with emotional and psychological disorders to retrain their mind and become restored.


Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the Secretary of Education with the government of the US. She has been seen supporting tirelessly education systems which benefits all the citizens of the USA. She has been notable in supporting school voucher programs, school grading system, school choice programs and charter school. Betsy DeVos has the love for education, and she believes it is through the right training that influential leaders get elected to represent the nation properly. She set the pace of the education in a position where it can become a holistic benefit to the learner.


Betsy DeVos has been advocating relentlessly for Detroit Charter School. She has been the chair of the board of Alliance for School Choice for several years. Betsy has also been the head of the All Children Matter PAC as well as Action Institute. After being associated with matters benefiting the citizens like education, Betsy DeVos has become famous in her career.


Betsy DeVos has had many titles for her successful work in various positions. She is famed as the investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a politician. Betsy has been in politics for more than three decades. She always had the passion for politics of change. It is worth noting that Betsy has headed four election periods working with campaign committees, party leaders as well as political parties. In all her civic endeavors she has been fighting for the right education system that suits the American citizens without biases. Betsy has also been the champion of the School Choice Program. She worked as the chairperson of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. In politics, besides supporting education reforms, she advocates for the policies of change in business.


Betsy DeVos has always funded the Republican Party and the causes. She funded for George Bush election Campaign both in 2004 and 2008. Betsy DeVos family has had a long history of supporting the Republican Party with donations. Betsy served in the George Bush government as the head of Finance to the Senatorial Committee.


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Fundamental Truths Concerning Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a ruling that has since affected the justice system. We know that the landscape of the American elections has taken on a terrible lane. It became much worse when the lawful system went ahead to establish a legal foundation for the idea that “corporations are people.” The directive opened a pathway for the wealthy Americans to bankroll the elections. The aim of such corporations is to tip the equilibrium of political influence in their favor.


Efforts by End Citizens United to Restore Sanity in America’s Elections


The governmental feat agency was established in 2015 with the aim of eradicating Citizens United. Grassroots donors are the primary source of funds for the committee. The crew has reviewed the adverse effects spewed by Citizens United. They have made efforts to restructure the political finance system, which is the reason there is increased corruption. They have joined hands as an agency to fight against the individuals purporting to have the power to buy elections. Among the many measures they have in place includes pressuring the policy-makers to hearken to the cry of the just.


Ways Through Which the Action Committee Intends to Set Up an Expenditure Arm


I understand that they are pushing for reforms locally and at the state level. They, therefore, require quite a huge budget. To make it efficient, they intend to get individuals who are like-minded and elect them to push for change. Those people will be added to the lot that had been attacked by the Koch brothers and other black-money crews. The group will then establish an autonomous expenses arm that will provide a back-up for the candidates. They will take on to the television through adverts, direct mailing as well as polling.


End Citizens United’ Public Awareness Measures


Hasen acknowledges that such active groups as End Citizens United serve a great purpose in the political system. They do not allow room for laxity of the judicial system. Their influence has prevented the decision made in 2010 from making the elections system worse. In their efforts, they have also endorsed veterans in their campaigns. Wisconsin’ Sen. Russ Feingold and Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet are among the Republican candidates endorsed by the action committee. It is an uphill task for the candidates as well as the entire board. However, for the good of America, they have chosen that daunting path.




Despite being a high bar, I believe that it is achievable. The grassroots support will take them a long way in establishing their goals. Every American should make a point of joining the champions of finance for corporate efforts. Meanwhile, strategizing and fundraising activities continue. It is time to pull out all the rogue corporates polluting America’s elections.


George Soros Spearheading a Resistance against Trump, Take Back Power

George Soros is banding with other affluent liberals that utilized tens of millions of US dollars to support Clinton’s presidential bid to fight back against Trump. Soros and his rich liberal friends were said to have a three-day, closed-door meeting in Washington with the agenda of retooling whatever funds left to fight back against President Donald Trump. The conference was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is a pricey Washington hotel, on Sunday was sponsored by an influential donor club, Democracy Alliance.

The Soros-led meeting was expected to include appearances by the leaders of the most vocal and leading liberal and union groups. In addition, according to POLITICO, Keith Ellison, the co-chairperson of Congressional Progressive Caucus and Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader, as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren, would also make appearances in the conference on The gathering is the fits major meeting of the institutional left since Donald Trump received a shocking victory over Hilary Clinton in the last Presidential elections. Observably, if the agenda serves as a reliable indication, liberals are planning a full-on trench warfare against the president from the first day.

Interestingly, some sessions on Investopedia embark on gearing up for the 2017 and 2018 elections, while others majorly focus on frustrating the 100-day plan of President Trump. The agenda refers Trump’s 100-day plan as a “terrifying assault on the achievements of President Barrack Obama.” In addition, the liberals view Trump’s perception, and undertaking of things as a terrorizing assail on the nation’s progressive vision for a just and equitable society. However, the meeting seemingly comes when a majority of liberals is reevaluating their political approach as well as the role of DA, or Democracy Alliance as it is known among the Democratic finance circles.

The Democracy Alliance, its beneficiary groups as well as its donors have, for over the last decade played a significant role in shaping and steering the institutions on the left. This is by addition the orientation of some of its critical organizations around Clinton, and by passing their approach and strategy around the idea that women and minorities constitute the so-called “rising American electorate,” which could favorably tip Democrats elections. However, this is in contrast to what was witnessed in the last presidential elections where Donald Trump won primarily leveraging the support of the working-class whites on

In addition, there was an indication by exit polls, which suggested that issues such as the role of money in politics and fighting climate change, which have been used by the beneficiaries of the Democracy Alliance to try to turn voters out in large numbers, did not resonate well with the electorate supporting Donald Trump. George Soros launched the Democracy Alliance after the 2004 polls. Currently, the groups have more than one hundred affluent members and include finance titans and moguls such as George Soros, Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer as well as major liberal foundations and labor unions. The organization requires its members to make a total of at least $200,000 in yearly contributions to recommended groups. As a way of funding the meeting and staff of the Democracy Alliance, members are also required to remit $30,000 in annual dues.