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The Chainsmokers Show the Hard Work Behind Their Play

All work and all play make Alex Pall and Jake Taggart very interesting artists. The duo that makes up hit EDM band the Chainsmokers gave fans a behind the scenes look in new making-of video. The Chainsmokers have always pushed boundaries with their music. Andrew Taggart singing lead vocals, live mixing at performances, involving themselves in the songwriting, personalizing their message, now showing fans how they work. The duo connection to their base is stronger than ever.


The new song is called “Somebody” and it will probably chart like everything else the Chainsmokers do. They started 2018 with revolutionary single “Sick Boy” and that charted. It also contained a deeper message than their other music. Whether “Somebody” will carry the same message remains to be seen, as we only hear a snippet in the video. But it is an amazing snippet, made even more amazing by watching the duo create it.


The video is a teaser, a short scene intermixed with various little vignettes. Each vignette shows one of the artists capturing sounds for the future mix. Pall is playing a synthesizer, and Taggart is chording on a piano. Then we see Pall with his laptop, sitting before various sound equipment. He plays an audio track, explaining that it is too low, and that it was also part of another track. Then he increases the pitch, making the vocal a lot higher.

Sound mixing is a great thing to see, because the work is so intricate, that is something the video definitely shows. The intricacy is apparent in the sounds they create, and the way Pall makes them fit the track. He can see an end product we cannot, hear the song that does not exist. After increasing the pitch he plays the track again, and then adds it to the main track. This small snippet is the completed song, and it is amazing to hear.


To see Pall so easily create such a great sound is incredible to see. But it also lends the idea that both he and Taggart spend countless hours before a screen. Adjusting here and altering there through the wee hours of the morning.