Vietnamese Garden owner shows off healthy diet on Steve Harvey Show


There are so many different types of foods to try that sometimes we get lost in the amount of calories consumed in one day. Some of the foods that have popular tastes such as candy, flavored chips, cookies, ice cream, burgers and fried chicken are very tempting but also not very healthy (if it was not already obvious).

With all the advanced in science and technology the world has seen how all of these different foods (both healthy and unhealthy) affect the human body. There are efforts being made to lower portion sizes at some restaurants and also make more healthy food options available at grocery stores.


A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc, went on the Steve Harvey show to educate the audience on cleansing and eating less processed foods. A raw food diet is not just lean salads and soups. is a popular source for the latest and greatest healthy herbal supplements. Mr. Dolphin showed the audience how much better their health will be if they choose to eat better raw food diets. The diet recipes are really easy to make.  Read most about the CEO’s appearance on


Using the full cleanse diet plan helped Harvey lose 12 pounds. He had tried it before but the coaching from Dolphin really helped this time. All of the meals made within this plan include resh fruits, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds. These raw ingredients may not sound appealing by themselves but they can be turned into some popular dishes like tacos, smoothies and pasta. This is the first step to that new healthy lifestyle you have been waiting for. Check out the Steve Harvey show for more information. was started in 2004. The company specializes in offering 20-day full-body cleanse plans that are guaranteed to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Millions of people around the world have been using the companies diet plans and have found them successful in one way or another. The ultimate goal is to lose some weight at the end of the trial. Learn more about Dherbs by visiting all of their social media pages. Also check out their website:

Nathaniel Ru On His Budding Salad Chain Sweetgreens

The health-conscious Sweetgarden salad chain was created by Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicholas Jammet. These three undergraduates from Georgetown University on one of the fastest-growing startups in the country. They began their endeavor in 2007 and opened a single location in Georgetown. This first endeavor was backed by 40 relatives and Friends. They currently have 31 locations nationwide and plan to have about 40 locations by the Year’s End.


They have also managed to raise approximately 95 million dollars of venture capital funding for three rounds.Their business was created by the desire to have healthier food choices in Georgetown. The trio claimed that they were incredibly disciplined from the beginning and remember not to lose sight of their roots. This part of their business plan helped to raise the money that was used to open the locations.The trio was extremely lucky to know individuals that would be solid backers and who would help propel them to their great success. They say that they know how fortunate they were and are aware that they had opportunities that many others in their situation may not have had.


 Nathaniel Ru recently talked about living his dream which is exactly what he is doing currently. He said that he met his partners before the idea for Sweetgreens came to life. He attributes some of the companies success to this factor. He said that they were able to establish a relationship early on and that has helped to keep him on the same page as his partners.


Nathaniel Ru said that he is incredibly proud of his accomplishments with this endeavor and looks to establish close ties with his employees as well as the investors. He said that he wants to create a company that has a positive nature and allows people to have healthy options that come straight from the farm to the table. He also wants to empower those individuals that are working for the company to help them succeed in life. He envisions continued growth for his company along with a growing interest in similar business concepts that are related to healthier eating.

Why Organogold Calls the Shots in the Industry

Lifestyle change is a decision every person has to make at one point. There are those who transform their own lives whereas resort to changing other people’s lives. In this regard, one particular individual known as Bernardo Chua took a bold step to venture in letting the world know about various essential products. In this quest, he founded a company known as OrganoGold.

The company acts as a global networking venture whose main mandate is to introduce a product called Ganoderma, to the entire world. Its vision is to enable people improve their living by reaching new wellness levels. Five years down the line after its inception, the company has changed the lives of millions of people.

Mode of operation

Organogold does not offer its products through retail stores of coffee shops. Instead it focuses on individual distribution. The distributors sell the products and garner a 50 percent commission on each sale made.


As one of the products, red tea comprises of two ingredients, namely Cordyceps militaris and organic Ganoderma lucidium. These assist in boosting the body’s defense mechanism. Additionally, it also helps in uplifting and ensuring a positive balance to the consumer.

The company also offers freshly brewed Gourmet black coffee enriched with Ganoderma lucidum. In order to awaken the senses and enrich your day, this is definitely something to go for. They also offer spore powders enhanced with Ganoderma lucidum. These spores are richer in their naturally beneficial compounds which are offered at an affordable price.


Organogold was started in 2008 in Richmond Canada, with only three employees. Its tremendous growth is attributed to hard work. Today, it operates in over 35 countries. Its employees take part in the distribution and marketing of its products. Estimated revenue of $170 million a year is generated through direct sales. The most selling product is coffee, since it is characterized as the most consumed beverage in the world.

Benardo Chua the Founder

Today, Bernie as he is known on Twitter,  is still the current CEO of the company. He hails from Philippines and is described as the industry leader in multilevel marketing. This can be attributed to the vast experience he gathered. At first, he worked as an executive in Gano Excel, as it was traditionally referred to, and after three years, helped in its expansion, as Bernardo saw them move into Turkey for the first time. The company moved from Hong Kong, Canada and eventually to the United States. With him in position, the company looks forward to an extensive in the years to come.