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Rebel Wilson An Australian Born Star Who Has Found Her Mojo in Hollywood

One of the most awaited movies in the year 2018 is “Isn’t It Romantic”, a comedy movie produced by New Line Cinema and distributed by Warner Bros, with the lead role played by Rebel Wilson. She is one of those actresses who have been able to change how the world looks at a lead female actor through her naturally bold look and exceptional acting abilities. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Rebel Wilson completed her initial training in acting from the Australian Theater for Young People, where she even won the international scholarship that fueled her ambition to move to the United States. The good thing about her acting is that she comes across as naturally humorous and it is what has helped her win the heart of audiences from around the world.

Rebel Wilson first started her career in 2003 by playing the role of Toula in a movie Fat Pizza and then on, she never had to look back. The recent movie, Isn’t It Romantic is a movie that is based on the premise that she is in love with the rom-com from her childhood.

The dream of being in a rom-com came true for her in real life after she was attacked by a thief in the subway that gave her a blow on her head. After waking up, Rebel Wilson’s character enters an alternative life where everything is like a rom-com series. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The dream of the character to live a life of an actress in a rom-com movie comes true for her in real life. Rebel Wilson has undergone a massive transformation from what she was like in her childhood. Rebel Wilson believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are passionate about it and don’t let go of their dreams no matter how many obstacles come in their way. She had to face many haters and doubters in her career as well, but she proved them all wrong with her acting and skills.

Rebel Wilson is also proud to have a clothing line inspired by her. In an interview, she shared her struggle with finding fashionable clothes that fit her. Since she was on the heavier side, she always had to settle for less. But, she released a new clothing line with Torrid that would allow plus-size women to be fashionable and more than anything feel good about themselves.

She is an inspiration for young women who feel that they are not good enough. She inspires women to go out there and do what they love without thinking about what others think about it. If they are good at it, they will surely succeed no matter what others say.

Rebel Wilson might have succeeded, but she remembers from where she comes from. She always goes back to her old school and the neighborhood where she grew up to give something back. Now that she is famous, she gets a lot of attention when she is there but, she feels more connected with people there and only wishes she can go back more often than she does.

The Chainsmokers Show the Hard Work Behind Their Play

All work and all play make Alex Pall and Jake Taggart very interesting artists. The duo that makes up hit EDM band the Chainsmokers gave fans a behind the scenes look in new making-of video. The Chainsmokers have always pushed boundaries with their music. Andrew Taggart singing lead vocals, live mixing at performances, involving themselves in the songwriting, personalizing their message, now showing fans how they work. The duo connection to their base is stronger than ever.


The new song is called “Somebody” and it will probably chart like everything else the Chainsmokers do. They started 2018 with revolutionary single “Sick Boy” and that charted. It also contained a deeper message than their other music. Whether “Somebody” will carry the same message remains to be seen, as we only hear a snippet in the video. But it is an amazing snippet, made even more amazing by watching the duo create it.


The video is a teaser, a short scene intermixed with various little vignettes. Each vignette shows one of the artists capturing sounds for the future mix. Pall is playing a synthesizer, and Taggart is chording on a piano. Then we see Pall with his laptop, sitting before various sound equipment. He plays an audio track, explaining that it is too low, and that it was also part of another track. Then he increases the pitch, making the vocal a lot higher.

Sound mixing is a great thing to see, because the work is so intricate, that is something the video definitely shows. The intricacy is apparent in the sounds they create, and the way Pall makes them fit the track. He can see an end product we cannot, hear the song that does not exist. After increasing the pitch he plays the track again, and then adds it to the main track. This small snippet is the completed song, and it is amazing to hear.


To see Pall so easily create such a great sound is incredible to see. But it also lends the idea that both he and Taggart spend countless hours before a screen. Adjusting here and altering there through the wee hours of the morning.