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Whitney Wolfe Herd Shares The Importance Of Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd recently joined actress Jennifer Garner, Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix, and others to share ways to grow new ventures founded by women. As the founder and chief executive officer of her company she was straight and to the point about the situation as she sees it. She said that power is viewed as the purview of men and that some women will use that as an excuse for not being powerful themselves. Society has conditioned women to believe there’s just one seat at the table but there are some women are deciding that they’ll just go ahead and build more seats.

She spoke at Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair. Women from around the nation came together to talk about how to support female entrepreneurs. Katrina Lake said that it’s ridiculous how little money supports them and that she wants to be a constant reminder of why women in business should be supported. Whitney Wolfe Herd shared her own difficulties in getting Bumble off the ground and attracting venture capitalist money.

When she created Bumble she wanted to design an app where women go first. It works like other dating apps in that a user will swipe right for “yes” and left for “no” when viewing other people’s profiles. If both swipe right a connection is made. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd made it so that only women can start a conversation. This has proven to be a very popular dating model and there are now about 40 million people around the world using this app. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

She got married in October 2017 and said that no, she didn’t meet her husband through Bumble. Her husband is an active restaurant owner and also in the business of oil & gas. They met during the 2013 holiday season while both were on a skiing vacation in Aspen, Colorado. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

Their marriage took place in Southern Italy, along the coast. Whitney Wolfe Herd chose wedding stylist Cynthia Cook Smith to design her dress and other touches throughout the ceremony and reception. The event designer she selected was Diana Sorensen who knew all the right vendors and what their processes were. Queen Bee Whitney Wolfe Shows Us Around Bumble’s New Headquarters in Austin, Texas

Whitney Wolfe Creates All-In-One Bumble App

Whitney Wolfe is proving that the dating app industry does not have to be all the same. She has done her research, and she has found that there is something that women desire in the dating world. She recognized the void and created the Bumble app to put women in charge.

People may look at this as a small tweak to the dating app industry, but Whitney Wolfe knows that this is a major thing. She has been well aware of all that happens in the male-dominated dating app industry. She knows far too well because she is the co-founder of Tinder. She knows how dating apps work, and she want to create a different platform where women would be able to make the first move. She has proven to be very successful with this because millions of people have signed up.

Some singles may have just assumed that this was just a novelty, but Whitney Wolfe knew that she had more than just overnight appeal. She is using Bumble to build a platform that will combine different aspects of social media. Whitney Wolfe sees the overarching theme of social media, and she knows that Bumble can become more than just a dating app.

There are some people that would rather just become friends first before they consider a relationship. That is whyI Whitney Wolfe also created an aspect of the Bumble app that caters to those that are simply looking for friends. It is evident that Whitney Wolfe is looking for a better way for singles to meet. She has shown people that there is a new method for finding other singles.

So much of what people do today is based largely on social media. Whitney Wolfe is trying to make Bumble the all-in-one resource for social media needs.

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