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ClassDojo Brief Recap Article

ClassDojo is a communication platform app that allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate with each other globally in real time. With the ClassDojo app it provides you the tools that you need to help you with just about anything in your daily school activities. It’s technology that helps broaden your capacity and gives you the freedom to express who you are by empowerment. You can also share your ideas between your teacher, classmates, or other students who are far away and are curious about different cultures. One of the advantages to using the ClassDojo app is that when you’re in school, you can make a connection through video chatting. Everything is done live now. So you get to see and hear what people are talking about in real time face to face on the screen.

For example, in this recent recapped article titled: “This App Is Connecting Classrooms Around The Globe,” by Better Conversation.

The article talks about two teachers who use the ClassDojo app to live stream and communicate with each other so that they can find a solution to help make a difference for the students in Nigeria.

When the teachers were collaborating with their students, they found out that the students shared similar interests. By using the ClassDojo app the two teachers also noticed that their students were developing their communication skills more. So it was creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

Ground-up change was necessary and that the teachers needed the ClassDojo app to support students in Nigeria who struggled with limited or not enough supplies for the their classrooms.

Having the ClassDojo app really helped the people in Nigeria because it helped them get started on the funds that they need to help support their cause. It taught the students the value of friendship and it helped the students to hone in better with their communication skills. Creating community was a very key part for the teachers and the students because later on they came up with their own curriculum that would be the inspiration to teaching the students at young age about acts of kindness.