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Bruce Levenson’s Stint With The Hawks A Major Success

Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks recently for a record amount for an Atlanta franchise according to, and he helped the team achieve major success in a place where they were not so good in the past. This article explains how Bruce brought success back to a site that was lacking, and there is a look at how he has made the Hawks into a contender in the eastern conference.

#1: He Purchased The Team Out Of Love

Bruce grew to love the Hawks while he was part of a much larger ownership group, and he purchased the team when the group disbanded. He took over the team because he loved it, and he wanted the team to use the templates from other great franchises to build a winner. His plans were met with great success, and they set a team record for wins not long after he took over.

#2: Winning 60 Games In A Season

Bruce Levenson may have the best ownership record in Hawks history. The team won 60 games for the first time under his leadership, and they became a team that other clubs in the NBA truly respected. They created a culture that allowed for fine players to visit the club, and they host in a large city that players want to live in. Bruce was wise to build a new culture, and he started over a franchise that nearly went to the NBA finals.

The leadership of Bruce Levenson changed the face of the Hawks and Atlanta sports as a whole. He knew how to build a winner given his track record in the business world, and he trusted those around him with the operations that made the team great again. They are looking up with new ownership, and it is all because of the leadership Bruce offered.

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