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The Cooling Luxury Market for Condos

After a period of prosperity in the NYC luxury real estate market, the industry is showing signs of cooling down. After a strong first quarter, the prices are settling to a lower level after all of the projects have been approved. This is reported according to a report that is described in an article in Crain’s New York Business. The new development contracts being closed has contributed to the temporary spike in pricing. Either way, the real estate market in New York is going strong. This is thanks to a few agencies that are doing a good job marketing and selling New York real estate.

One of the agencies is TOWN Residential. The agents working for the company who show houses and refer customers to their pieces of property that they can live in are highly experienced with customer service and they have a lot of skills when it comes to relating to their clients. They also have a website that is very useful to the users as they get to check out all of the listings that are updated on a daily basis.

Among the tools that TOWN residential has are pre-search packages, consultation, relocation services, market reports, and plenty of other tools that will make the search easier for the clients. If there is one thing that TOWN Residential was founded on, it was the idea that people needed to be able to find a new home with the least possible hassle. They not only get to find the home, but they get referred to some of the most attentive services for helping them relocate.

DEVCO and invests in Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick

DEVCO or New Brunswick Development Cooperation is a nonprofit real estate development company started in the mid-1970’s by Johnson and Johnson following the economic downturns that the city experience in the 1960s and early 1970s. Today, the company acts largely on its own to beautify and improve areas of the city with the goal of revitalization. Since the company was started, it has overseen almost $1.6 billion in renovations all over the city. DEVCO strives to read the pulse of the city and work at projects that will make large-scale, sustainable impact by capitalizing on space and creating areas of mixed-use development. They use properties that are less attractive to other developers and turn them into useful, revenue-generating, beautifully contributes to the city.

One such example was covered in an article originally written on The article discussed the development and financial situation of the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick, a project arranged and coordinated by DEVCO. They helped the Middlesex County Improvement Authority secure $20 million to move forward with the hotel which was opened in 2007. The Improvement Authority was scheduled to start repayment on the loan, principal and interest, in the amount of $1 million, but was unable to meet this financial obligation as the hotel has not performed as well as was expected with occupancy statistics at a meager 63.5 percent for 2015. DEVCO, has also had to step in to prop up the slumping project with nearly $800,000 of its own money.

Senior Lein bond holders of the project have been paid with about a 5 percent increase, while other non-senior holders and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority(CRDA), the lender, have seen no returns at all. The Improvement Authority says that the terms of the loan state that repayment is to be made from available project revenue. CRDA acknowledges that they knew the loan was a risk and states that these are the types of loans they regularly make in order to make it possible for senior lenders to participate in such projects.


QNET Promotes Success for Women Everywhere

Women everywhere are becoming more empowered as each year passes. Many women do many great things with their lives as long as they have the opportunity to shine. QNET is a company that knows the value of women. This organization uses a large workforce of women to market and sell their products. This organization not only claims to support women it goes out of its way to ensure that they are successful. 

A society functions better when everyone is doing their part to make it a great place to be. When a young woman is given the opportunity to work she will usually be a more productive member of society who cares more for her family, her possessions and for the people within her community. 

Thanks to QNET there are a lot more female entrepreneurs all over the world. They are dedicated to selling people high quality products that are beneficial to their health and beauty.

QNET Turkey answered the call of 20 women of Şişli Deaf & Mute Foundation… guess what their biggest wish was for the day?…

Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, March 17, 2016

However, that is not all that they sell. They also market air humidifiers and water filters. They also promote merchandise that will be beneficial for men as well. QNET offers a  because they know that they are useful and that people really enjoy having a better quality of life. 

Women’s Day is a big deal for many women in Asian and European countries. This specific day was created to help women to recognize the political, social and economic achievements of women everywhere. This day is also important because it helps to recognize the contributions that women make to their community, within society and to people all over the world. 

QNET celebrates this day and any other days like it because they realize that women are great people and that they should be respected and honored. Many women at QNET are satisfied with their ability to be their own entrepreneurs and are happy to work hard for such a company.

Living in North Korea Is A Nightmare That Results In Either Misery, Corruption, Death or Escape


History teaches us that heroes and heroins come in all different sizes, ethnic backgrounds, genders and age groups. The story of Yeonmi Park is of no exception as she has exhibited heroism ever since she was a child, and she continues to demonstrate heroism as an adult.

Park’s early childhood started off in a normal and loving environment. She was born to a mother and father that adored her and her older sister. Her parents did everything in their power to ensure that their children were always comfortable and safe. This is a relatively impressive accomplishment considering that the backdrop of Park’s story takes place in North Korea. The relative prosperity that Park’s family enjoyed was shattered when the U.N. sanctions against North Korea were implemented and the country fell into a deep state of poverty and desperation.

As a result of North Korea becoming a poor, hermit nation, Park and her family found it very challenging to survive on a daily basis. The dire circumstances for Park and her family resulted in her father and mother participating in an illegal, metal trafficking ring that smuggled contraband to China. This illegal activity generated just enough income to feed Park and her family, but the brutality of the North Korean regime hijacked Park’s already challenging life after her father was caught and incarcerated in a labor camp along with Park’s mother

These horrific events were the beginning of a living nightmare for Park and her family. After her parents was eventually released from prison, Park and her mother defected to South Korea by way of China. During Yeonmi Park’s gruesome journey, she and her mother were sexually assaulted, they were sold as sex slaves, they endured brutal weather conditions and her father died shortly after they successfully defected.

Park is currently living in Seoul, South Korea, with her mother and sister, under the constant threat of danger against her life from the North Korean regime.


Why Organogold Calls the Shots in the Industry

Lifestyle change is a decision every person has to make at one point. There are those who transform their own lives whereas resort to changing other people’s lives. In this regard, one particular individual known as Bernardo Chua took a bold step to venture in letting the world know about various essential products. In this quest, he founded a company known as OrganoGold.

The company acts as a global networking venture whose main mandate is to introduce a product called Ganoderma, to the entire world. Its vision is to enable people improve their living by reaching new wellness levels. Five years down the line after its inception, the company has changed the lives of millions of people.

Mode of operation

Organogold does not offer its products through retail stores of coffee shops. Instead it focuses on individual distribution. The distributors sell the products and garner a 50 percent commission on each sale made.


As one of the products, red tea comprises of two ingredients, namely Cordyceps militaris and organic Ganoderma lucidium. These assist in boosting the body’s defense mechanism. Additionally, it also helps in uplifting and ensuring a positive balance to the consumer.

The company also offers freshly brewed Gourmet black coffee enriched with Ganoderma lucidum. In order to awaken the senses and enrich your day, this is definitely something to go for. They also offer spore powders enhanced with Ganoderma lucidum. These spores are richer in their naturally beneficial compounds which are offered at an affordable price.


Organogold was started in 2008 in Richmond Canada, with only three employees. Its tremendous growth is attributed to hard work. Today, it operates in over 35 countries. Its employees take part in the distribution and marketing of its products. Estimated revenue of $170 million a year is generated through direct sales. The most selling product is coffee, since it is characterized as the most consumed beverage in the world.

Benardo Chua the Founder

Today, Bernie as he is known on Twitter,  is still the current CEO of the company. He hails from Philippines and is described as the industry leader in multilevel marketing. This can be attributed to the vast experience he gathered. At first, he worked as an executive in Gano Excel, as it was traditionally referred to, and after three years, helped in its expansion, as Bernardo saw them move into Turkey for the first time. The company moved from Hong Kong, Canada and eventually to the United States. With him in position, the company looks forward to an extensive in the years to come.