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JHSF: The Making of A Business Leader

JHSF is a high-end real estate company in Brazil that also deals in retail and airports. The company was established in 1972 by siblings Jose Roberto Auriemo and Fabio Roberto Auriemo. They started out in real estate development but the company has grown into high-end retail, the hospitality industry and even includes an airport. Today the company is headed by Jose Auriemo popularly known as Zeco whose idea it was to diversify into the retail industry.

He supervised Cidade Jardim development, which was considered overly ambitious for the company and not very profitable but turned out to be successful enough launching JHSF into the stock market. Cidade Jardim houses retail stores for designers like Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Valentino among others. Jose Auriemo has worked to ensure that new designers from various parts of the world are opening up stores at Cidade Jardim through signing contracts with them. Apart from the Cidade Jardim mall the company also owns the Catarina Shopping Outlet.

In 2007 the company acquired the Fasano hotels and restaurants which include Fasano Angra dos Reis Hotel, Hotel Fasano in Sao Paulo, Hotel Fasano Boa Vista among others. In Brazil, JHSF is synonymous with high-end luxury and like the more the malls the Fasano hotels and restaurants are also luxurious establishments where clients get high-quality service. The company is built on the philosophy of hard work with its CEO holding that inspiration is only a small part of the business the largest part of the business is hard work.

About Jose Auriemo

Jose Auriemo is the CEO and chairperson to the BoD at JHSF. He started working at this company when young and that has had a huge impact on this success. He joined university and chose to study engineering at 17 and then joined the family business where he was key in the establishment of the JHSF parking management company Parkbem.

He is a firm believer in hard work and he leads by example by starting early each day. He makes time each week to visit work sites to check on the progress of company construction projects. Together with his wife, Mariana Auriemo, have 2 lovely kids.

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Dick Devos And the FAA

So why is Dick Devos in Washington? The rumors are that the Devos family is moving further into Capitol Hill. This includes the fact that Devos was just appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new Management Council. The council is comprised of 13 members who have worked in transportation policy, aviation authority, and airline executive backgrounds. While Devos has been a business leader for most of his life, he has also been involved in politics before.


Devos ran for Michigan governor in 2006. He had previously worked with his city leaders in Grand Rapids, his hometown, as well as the Michigan Republican Party. His wife, Betsy Devos, recently became the 11th US Education Secretary. She has been criticized heavily for her beliefs on educational choice. However, she has maintained that educational choice is the best way for students to get out of failing schools as well.


Dick Devos will now be working with the FAA. Part of the reason for this new appointment is his involvement with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Throughout the 1990s, Devos made several partnerships with business owners in Grand Rapids. As an entrepreneur himself, Devos knew that the power of philanthropy could propel Grand Rapids forward. At the time, the city was falling into a slump. Devos didn’t want to see what had happened in Detroit happen in his hometown.


He began working with the airport after building up downtown Grand Rapids through a committee called Grand Action. The committee was able to change the face of downtown, adding in new cultural buildings, as well as the Devos Convention Center.


Grand Rapids could be seen as a business conference center if there were more things to do. That was part of Devos’ plan when he made a phone call to the Air Tran Airways CEO. In the early 2000s, Air Tran was one of the most popular airlines. Soon the airline would have more destinations available for business travelers who wanted to book out of Grand Rapids. New traffic immediately began to pour in.


Over the years, Devos has helped the Gerald R. Ford International Airport expand and overcome a lot of issues, including outdated technology. Recently the airport went through a $45 million renovation. The airport also now has a charter school that was founded by Dick and Betsy Devos.


The new committee will be meeting every quarter to discuss budgets, new growth planning, regulations, and policies. Devos will be advising on ideas for growth in the future, as well as his experience with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


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Overview of OSI Food Solutions

It is essential to have a balanced diet on your table each meal time; therefore, OSI Food Solutions is ready to supply to you any protein supplements that you need in your diet. Some of the protein supplements that are offered by OSI Food Solutions are sausages which have beef bites. In leading retail stores, you can access some of the pizzas that are supplied by OSI Foods product.

Places where OSI Food Solutions operates.

The headquarters of the company is known to be in Aurora. The company has its operations in several parts of the world. OSI Foods are supplied diligently to the whole world, and this has enabled the company to gain popularity. OSI Group is now providing these high quality food supplements to over 17 countries. The facilities that are managed by the company are about 50. The services are offered to countries like the USA, United Kingdom, and very many countries that are a part of Europe. There is a group of  strategists, who are working for the company in China, and their main focus is to find out how the company can increase its services in China.

OSI Food Solutions career opportunities.

OSI Group does not only offer services to people, but it is also a platform in which skilled people can be able to earn a living through it. The company wants to offer the best product services worldwide; therefore it is offering career opportunities to various people who may wish to work with the company. Most of the jobs offered by the company can be reviewed online on the company website. Most of them include technician works, several supervisors and general utility person.In matters of salary after employment, the company pays very well with the least person earning a wage of $14.80 per hour.


OSI Food Solutions is the best food company that people can ask for protein supplements and get them immediately. The most important part of it is that it strives to offer the best to both the customers and employees. If you engage yourself with this company, you will never regret.

Ted Bauman: Low-Risk Investment Guru

Many people will agree that the US stock market is extremely overvalued. The majority on Wall Street believe that US equities are going to remain strong a little longer. There are others who feel that it is time to shift gears and go into a low-risk investment strategy. Economist Ted Bauman feels that the US stock market is extremely overvalued. He is an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and writes three newsletters that are meant to help people invest properly. He earned degrees in history and economics while living in South Africa and after over twenty years he has become a finance expert on low-risk investment strategies. He offers several reasons why he feels the US stock market is on the verge of collapsing and he gives simple advice on how to protect your wealth.

Ted Bauman feels that rising interest rates may end up causing a stock market crash. The Federal Reserve has indicated that the US economy is relatively strong and that more rate hikes will come in the foreseeable future. The US has a lot of debt and if interest rates keep climbing, it will be harder for the federal government to service the debt. Higher interest rates will also cause investors to flee the stock market and go into the bond market when yields are more attractive. Another possible catalyst for a stock market crash that Ted Bauman points out is the trade war with China. Many multinational corporations rely on business with China and are listed on major US stock exchanges.

If the trade war continues, China may retaliate and many of these corporations will lose revenue. This will eventually reflect in the share prices of these companies.Ted Bauman sees a crash coming but Bauman urges investors not to panic and sell all their stocks. He feels the trade war has created a major buying opportunity for many top companies in China. The Shanghai Composite is down almost twenty percent for the year. Mr. Bauman also feels that investors should hold bonds to best investment offer a cushion for their financial portfolios. He feels that investors should never ignore bonds and should properly balance their portfolios with stocks and bonds. Offers Products for a Variety of People

People looking for everything from party dresses to business supplies can find what they’re looking for on the official website. The site features different categories that allow people to browse and choose all the options they want while shopping online. As an e-commerce retailer, Jingdong knows what to do to cater to customers, offers inexpensive pricing and provides people with a fun shopping experience.Nearly anything you’re looking for, you can find on the Jingdong website. Visiting is simple and allows you to browse all the categories the company has. It also allows you to try different things so you can learn about different product categories .

From paper supplies to clothing and even some electronics, has it all. No matter what you need to shop for, you can probably find it when you visit Jingdong.In addition to offering a huge variety of items for their customers, they work to provide inexpensive pricing. Jingdong offers lower than average prices for their customers since they know what people want and also know what they’re willing to pay for it. The company works to give more people the options they might not be able to get from other websites. By sourcing items the right way and learning about spending trends of their customers, Jingdong gives more people a chance to try different things from their site.

They also make the time to find things that come with the best prices so more people can purchase from their website.Unlike other an online retail company in China, Jingdong does what they can to make the shopping experience fun. Customers don’t have to worry about checking out from a variety of sellers or trying to put different items into their cart only to realize they’ve sold out before they can even check out. About the, the process is seamless and it’s easy for people to make sure they’re getting the best experience possible. It’s also something that gets easier for everyone who is a part of the community that includes retailers. Jingdong does everything they can for their customers and tries to make the experience enjoyable.

McDonalds and OSI Group: Decades Partnership

Collaboration between corporates is as old as the concept of trade. Partnerships in the food industries ease the mode of doing business. For more than seven decades, no collaboration in the food market is as tight as OSI Group McDonalds friendship. Through generations, the two entities have always depended on one another for appropriate services. For McDonald’s, it is the consistent supply of food products and for OSI Group; McDonald’s are their largest single market.

What are the main contributors of OSI Group McDonalds friendship? There are many reasons why McDonald’s continues to work with OSI Group. Apart from being a longtime supplier, McDonald’s have many specific reasons for working with OSI Group. The first one, however, is the financial muscles of OSI Group. For a big company like McDonald’s, consistent supply of food products is critical. Being an international and global trendsetter in the food industry, the position of OSI Group ensures the company enjoys a convenient supply of food products. This consistency is one of the key factors why even after many decades; OSI Group McDonalds friendship is still active. Learn more at

Second, the OSI group has the capacity to supply quality food products around the world. For a company like McDonald’s, the infrastructure is vital. OSI Group has over 65 different facilities around the globe. The facilities are in more than 17 countries. In addition, the company has more than 20,000 workers. These factors make the OSI Group McDonalds friendship closer because the OSI Group can deliver on orders immediately. As the two companies expand their operations in different countries around the world, they can always depend on each other capacity and availability.

The most iconic aspect of OSI Group McDonalds relationship is their approach to the environmental conservancy. Both OSI Group and McDonald’s have different projects around the localities of operations. The shared ecological aspirations bond the two entities beyond the business world. Due to it futurist approach to the environmental conservancy, OSI Group has been a recipient of different environmental awards and recognition around the world. Some of these awards and recognitions include the following, Creative Foods (in Europe), Environmental Awareness (in Austria), and Environmental Awards 2018 – USA.



The impact of Sheldon Lavin at the OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is one of the companies that are doing very well in the investment sector. It is one of the companies that have made it possible for the people to accept that processed foods are safe for consumption and that they should be encouraged. , and therefore consumers need not fear them. One of the best companies in the food industry is OSI Food Solutions. It is one of the companies that treat this industry like any other business. They are here to serve the customers and in return make income. Their priority is to offer high-quality services that will attract consumers to the company’s products. Read this artcle at Forcepoint to know more.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that has been built by people who knew the value of service delivery. As a food company, this company has made sure that people are getting the best products and services. In the past four decades, there have been great changes in the company. It all started when CEO Sheldon Lavin was incorporated into the management. He was previously working as an investment manager in a bank, and therefore management of large business organizations was not new to him. He had the necessary tools to make him get the results,

OSI Food Solutions is a company that recognizes the needs of the people. Looking at the kind of services that they have been offering, they are making sure that there are enough products and of the right quality in the market. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, this company is going to be one of the greatest ever. It is already ranked as one of the top 100 businesses in the United States by the Forbes. The net worth of the company currently stands at $6 billion. Everything that he has done in the past few decades has brought this company closer to excellence.

OSI Food Solutions is now focusing on taking over the European market, one of the high potential markets we have in the world. They have already started the mission by acquiring two thriving food companies in the region.



Whitney Wolfe Herd Shares The Importance Of Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd recently joined actress Jennifer Garner, Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix, and others to share ways to grow new ventures founded by women. As the founder and chief executive officer of her company she was straight and to the point about the situation as she sees it. She said that power is viewed as the purview of men and that some women will use that as an excuse for not being powerful themselves. Society has conditioned women to believe there’s just one seat at the table but there are some women are deciding that they’ll just go ahead and build more seats.

She spoke at Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair. Women from around the nation came together to talk about how to support female entrepreneurs. Katrina Lake said that it’s ridiculous how little money supports them and that she wants to be a constant reminder of why women in business should be supported. Whitney Wolfe Herd shared her own difficulties in getting Bumble off the ground and attracting venture capitalist money.

When she created Bumble she wanted to design an app where women go first. It works like other dating apps in that a user will swipe right for “yes” and left for “no” when viewing other people’s profiles. If both swipe right a connection is made. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd made it so that only women can start a conversation. This has proven to be a very popular dating model and there are now about 40 million people around the world using this app. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

She got married in October 2017 and said that no, she didn’t meet her husband through Bumble. Her husband is an active restaurant owner and also in the business of oil & gas. They met during the 2013 holiday season while both were on a skiing vacation in Aspen, Colorado. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

Their marriage took place in Southern Italy, along the coast. Whitney Wolfe Herd chose wedding stylist Cynthia Cook Smith to design her dress and other touches throughout the ceremony and reception. The event designer she selected was Diana Sorensen who knew all the right vendors and what their processes were. Queen Bee Whitney Wolfe Shows Us Around Bumble’s New Headquarters in Austin, Texas

The Compassionate Doctor

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He has been practicing there for over ten years. His credentials include being certified by the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Among Dr. Jejurikar’s other qualifications, he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The work he does also meets the standards for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In his work he specializes in surgery on the face, eyes, nose, body and breast. He is beloved by his patients. Many patients describe Dr. Jejurikar as being a compassionate doctor who treats every patient well while meeting their individual needs. Treatment for his patients commences after he meets with them and discusses their goals and concerns so that he can create a treatment plan specifically for them. He is currently continuing his education at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas where he would like to earn a Masters in Business. Dr. Jejurikar is originally from Minnesota where he completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Michigan. Attending the University of Michigan Medical School he obtained his medical degree. After receiving his training in plastic surgery at the University of Michigan he went on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City, to advance his skills in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar is not only a medical doctor he is also a humanitarian. This is evident as he travels overseas to deliver care to needy patients in communities around the world. Places he has delivered care worldwide are Colombia, Guatemala and Bangladesh. Performing reconstructive surgery for needy patients he proves his commitment not only to his patients but also his work. In 2013, he was honored with the 2012 Compassionate Doctor, a patient’s choice award based on patient reviews.

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Investors Show Interest In Upwork

When two companies merged together in 2014, Upwork was formed. Upwork is the leading digital destination for those looking for consultant labor. The company has raised over one hundred million dollars since 2014 in funding. Investors invested thirty million dollars in a first round shortly after the merger. There are talks on the table of an investor investing thirty million dollars into the company. Over two hundred million dollars in revenue has been reported by the digital company. Hundreds of thousands of freelancers in seventy different job fields use Upwork to conduct business. Nearly one hundred thousand clients flock to the site to hire freelancers. Unfortunately, Upwork did report a three million dollar lost. Despite having yet to earn a profit, Upwork is still seen as a great investment from a number of investors.

Upwork’s platform speaks to many people who work as freelancers or gig workers. The platform allows people to work remotely with information being stored in one safe location on the Upwork platform. The gig economy is expanding rapidly with Etsy workers, Uber and Lyft drivers and Air B&B landlords. Upwork allows for today’s millennials to find gig work from their platform. Upwork has its competitors but has the largest platform of its kind. Freelancer, Fiverr, Craigslist and TaskRabbit are their competitors. But for some unique way Upwork has been able to outdo all of these competitors.

Data assets and algorithms uniquely designed solely for Upwork has allowed for the company to flourish in this rising gig economy. Feedback, skills and job success are one of the many ways they are able to match freelancers and employers. Employers are able to evaluate from a list of selected freelancers they would like to hire. Upwork earns a percentage of what an employer hires the freelancer for. Investors are so glued to this company because of the promise both Upwork and this new gig economy are expected to bring. Economists know that for the past decade ninety four percent of new job creation was in non traditional sectors. Upwork may just prove as a big pay off for early investors.