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The Revolutionary Success of EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a new lip balm product that has existed on the market for only seven years. The evolution of the company is a marvel of modern day marketing, design, and distribution. The founders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, decided to develop a product for women in the realm of beauty needs. The product chosen was lip balm a Target market controlled by Chapstick. Chapstick had the lion’s share of the market and was happy to profit from its established reputation among its users. But the thinking behind EOS was revolutionary. They first chose an item and then set about reinventing it. This marketing wizardry has created a giant in the industry selling a million units each week.

Their thinking was brilliant. Research had shown that women are the major users of lip balm and the pair aimed their design, flavors, and marketing at this important group of shoppers. The design aspect experimented with clay formed shapes to find a size that women would prefer over the cylinder which was often hard to find in a woman’s purse. The design for the lip balm was as different from a cylinder as possible. The small pot-like shape had a top and a shape that offered a tactile adventure. Not unlike a retractable ball point pen that is fun to play with. Colors and flavors were determined based on what women preferred. This product is not aimed at men. The crux of the Facebook advertising was in women’s magazines and aimed at the 25-35 demographic of women who care about fashion and being in style. The fledgling company made inroads to fashionable women in the music industry and reality programming.

EOS has gone from obscurity to selling a million units a week. The company should be very proud of its product. The products are available on Target, Ulta and online via

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Makeup Creates Arresting Beauty

For many of us, makeup becomes a routine, almost like a uniform that we safely put on every day. After a while, the look and colors become stale, boring, old-fashioned. That’s one reason Lime crime came to be, and today, the makeup brand is soaring in popularity. Lime Crime’s Instagram page alone, has captured the essence of social media influence, garnering more than 2.4 million followers.


In a fascinating interview with, the company’s CEO and founder launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008. She wanted to level the playing field and kind of mess with the big girl cosmetics companies. Those giants seemed to be controlling the beauty landscape for decades, telling women the colors and type of makeup that was “proper” for society.


Russian-born Doe Deere wasn’t interested in old, traditional cosmetics. She always adored bright colors that defined a mood, moment and one’s sexuality. So, she created her brand to bring bold and beautiful makeup to a new beauty movement. Shades like Squash, Shroom, Peacock and Cement were lipstick colors no one had ever dared put on, until Doe Deere put them on. Her brand quickly picked up a global following, and women and men gained self-empowerment breaking the beauty boundaries.


Lime Crime turns heads, and it’s playful and strong. Doe Deere always samples her designs on herself first. She wants to wear it, feel it and allow it to work its magic. She believes in her brand, because this is the type of makeup she uses for self-expression. To Doe Deere, makeup should be ever-changing like fashion and hair color. All three work together to create a look and sense of personal style. Doe Deere is a social media darling and enjoys interacting with her major fan base. They inspire each other and share their makeup looks on the social media stage.


Doe Deere has put her whole life into her Lime Crime brand, working long hours in the office, developing new cosmetics in the lab with chemists, collaborating with her creative director and so on. Her determination and faith in her abilities is paying off big time. Doe Deere is now recognized as a role model for young businesswomen. She was recently named to Self-Made magazine’s “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” and graced their cover with female business titans Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.


Why You Should Consider Smart Lights With Gooee

Smart lighting incorporates a mix of different technologies so that your home lighting will adjust and power off during certain conditions. Smart lights can be programmed to turn on when you enter a room, to dim or change color during a certain time of day or scheduled on and off periods for outdoor lighting.

Gooee has one of the smallest sensors for their smart lighting systems. Gooee is basid in Santa Clara, CA and they contracted the microchip sensors to be made from Delta Microelectronics. Gooee implements the sensors within the LED lights to be connected to the Internet as a part of their Full-Stack platform. Their platform will feature a set of software utilities to manage and monitor your home lighting system.

Their lighting system is classified as Internet of Things technology. The IoT concept is to tie together household products like lamps, microwaves, doors, televisions to the Internet. Gooee’s IoT lighting can be programmed to react to certain events such as a door opening or a person leaving their bed for example.

The chip works like a human eye and can detect light. This technology can be implemented into technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D motion control or eye protection products.

Florida Company Announces Dynamic New Online Website

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is an award winning research and document service provider in the residential mortgage industry. NTC has over 25 years of providing successful service. NTC provides service to some of the largest mortgage lenders and investors in the nation. All documents are recorded throughout 3,000 nationwide jurisdictions. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. strives to deliver excellent accuracy in document processing and research services that assist homeowners and the mortgage banking industry. NTC also preserves the nation’s land records. NTC has been recognized as a Top 100 Workplace in Tampa Bay for five years. NTC’s headquarters is in Palm Harbor, Florida. NTC has over 400 employees and just recently opened a new office in Dallas Texas. The new office features a new data center.


Recently, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. announced that they will be making reports accessible through online ordering. Title defects have become a major issue in the real estate market throughout the last few years. This has caused wrongful foreclosures and contributed to stagnating an otherwise smooth transition of assets throughout the secondary market. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. executives believe that property records are a major part of ensuring a clear title conveyance. This also reduces the risk of buyback or foreclosure . That is why NTC has begun making the process of securing property reports easier through launching a new website that makes reports available online.


Title defects commonly happen when a person or entity tries to claim a property that someone else owns. Other factors that could lead to title defects are; issues with wording in the document that do not meet real estate standards, previous liens that have not been removed, and the failure to include the signature of a necessary party to the transaction.


NTC Chief Executive Officer John Hillman decided to list Assignment Verification Report Services and Tax Status Report available online to help the mortgage industry. Hillman notes that NTC prides itself on being able to give a quick, step by step process of property reports.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. gets data from a number of different sources throughout its process. NTC believes that its success comes from understanding the goals of its clients and being able to make a custom property report with appropriate data sets.

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Look For Professional Reputation Management Teams

Are you wondering how online reputation management can benefit a business such as yours. Do you know what people are presented with when they look up your business online? Online reputation management experts are highly sought after nowadays and you need to know why.

With the popularity of the Internet and social media, it has become absolutely important to find out what people are saying about your business. It’s crucial to find out how you’re perceived on the web.

The need may not arise right away, but there may come a time when you will need professional credibility and reputation management teams. Reputation Defender and review experts render essential services that help entrepreneurs and organizations to operate efficiently. These individuals have a rare combination of public relations (PR) acumen and technical capability that are no match for individual smear-mongers.

It is better for you to take proactive measures to assure that only beneficial post about your organization is presented on the web and that any bad reviews are pushed down to where potential clients can not find them.

If you do not have a reliable system for managing your online reputation, you are putting your business at risk. When it seems that the cyber-world is crashing all around you, reputation management specialists can be an outstanding asset.

Online reputation management professionals do not only erase damaging material, but also create content to promote your company. They utilize various systems to showcase your best characteristics and raise good content in the search engine rankings.

Enlisting consultants to fix your reputation can work, but it is recommended that you take appropriate steps to prevent a bad situation. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be proactive about your online reliability and address and respond to issues as they arise.

You may also desire to consider hiring a social media manager to monitor your social media sites accounts and respond to harmful issues and comments online. Be sure to do your research before making decision. Research properly before choosing a reputation management firm or team of professionals.


Why Have Venture Capital Firms Taken An Interest In Adam Goldenberg’s Company JustFab?

Adam Goldenberg and his friend Don Ressler, co-founders of JustFab have had the business and fashion community talking. This company has brought something unique to both social media and fashion shopping, a fun platform that includes monthly subscriptions and VIP memberships with credits for shopping. JustFab was started as a women’s style brand, but it has since started a men’s branch, founded sister companies in Fabletics and FL2, and now acquired Fabshoes. JustFab also has local stores in various locations, and with the rave about this company, it’s no wonder venture capital investors on Bloomberg such as Josh Hannah of Matrix Partners and many others are funding JustFab. So far JustFab has received over $300 million in venture capital funds.

Before Adam Goldenberg co-founded JustFab, he was working for the company that started up MySpace, Intermix Media. Goldenberg was only 15 when he turned his first business idea into a website company called Gamer’s Alliance, a network that connected gamers to various niche sites. Intermix Media bought this company out and made Goldenberg a part of their team, seeing a potential business leader at that could help the company out tremendously. They were right. At only 20, Goldenberg had already become Chief Operating Officer, and soon he was working with Don Ressler, a new friend he had met who had also started up his own business that Intermix bought. The two built a series of advertising companies under Intermix Media that would help bring profits in.

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In 2005, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave Intermix Media after News Corp took over. While they had made many friends there, they felt it was in their best interest to start up their own companies. Even with limited resources, Goldenberg and Ressler started direct selling various beauty products and cosmetics, building an incubator company called Intelligent Beauty.

The company’s concept was novel at the outset, but word got around that a new fashion outlet was going to spring up online, so many people took interest in it. Kimora Lee Simmons, a famous fashion model took particular interest in this cheaper fashion company and the subscription and social media platforms involved, and she brought over many twitter followers to JustFab. Soon, Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver were also taking an interest and soon endorsed the company.

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Hair Care- WEN by Chaz Dean Makes Hair Healthier Than Ever Before

When watching your favorite TV show, do you often sit and wonder how they get their hair to look that beautiful? Do you wish that you could have beautiful hair like the stars do? Did you know that it is actually able to be done in the comfort of your own home? If not, you will want to look at WEN hair by Chaz Dean. With this line of beautiful hair care products, Chaz Dean took some of the harshest chemicals from your regular shampoo and conditioner and removed it and applied ingredients that will not only cleanse your hair but also make it more beautiful. Not only is your hair more beautiful, more manageable and healthier, it will grow faster and longer than ever before.

I know that walking into your local store to purchase hair line products is now more confusing than ever before. There are so many different brands out there and different types of shampoo’s to choose from. It can be hard to figure out which ones are causing more damage to your hair than you are actually doing good to it. It can become difficult to know just how much you should pay for those same items before actually knowing if it is any good. Are you able to stand there talking to other women who are having the same problem with their hair as you are? If so, do any of them actually recommend the same hair product? Are you able to speak to a number of women all at once? Why should you pay for something that you can’t be absolutely sure if it will work or not? There are plenty of people you can speak to about their own experience with hair care by Wen hair. You will be able to hear the endless amount of success stories of people who have all tried it and loved it and came out with more beautiful hair than they can ever recall having. Check out Wen hair’s Facebook page to learn more.

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Securus Technologies Responds to GTL Claims

When you are a leader in your field and at the top of your game, competitors will do what they can to damage your brand. This is true with Securus Technologies and their competitor, Global Tel Link. GTL recently released a press release stating many issues they had with Securus Technologies. That press release prompted a response from Securus Technologies to set the record straight.


One of the main issues that GTL referenced has to do with a dispute about patent #816. GTL claims that the court has ruled on this patent and Secures Technologies is not able to use this patent for anything they create. Securus Technologies responded saying that no such declaration has been made on this patent and a ruling will not be made for a long time. The court process generally takes a long period of time and it is rare to be resolved quickly.


Another issue brought up by GTL was that Securus was always quick to head to court with someone they have a disagreement with. Securus Technologies fought back hard on this one say that time spent in court is expensive and is a long process. They do everything they can to prevent having to go to court. They said they have every right to defend themselves when attacked and try to resolve any matter out of court first.


Securus Technologies has been in business for thirty years. They are a leader in their field and work will over 3,400 corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies all over North America. They are located in Dallas, Texas, and are constantly trying to advance the technologies that are used in these facilities. This is a tough industry to be in but they are making a name for themselves day after day.


David Osio’s company launches a handy real estate mobile app

Purchasing real estate property can sometimes get too confusing. Anyone that decides to invest in real estate should have multiple tools with them. The right kind of equipment will ease everything in the much complex data. The Davos CAP calculator is one highly sophisticated app critical for anyone in the real estate. The application was launched recently by Davos Real Estate Group. Davos is a company associated with the Davos Financial Group. The mobile application should clarify a financial vision for its customers in the U.S. real estate. The Davos Real Estate investment group is behind the application; the company has in the past provided advice on real estate aspects such as new developments, sales process, rent and several legal issues of investing.

The whole Davos investment group is under the leadership of David Osio, a highly experienced professional in the real estate business. Investing with Davos means that you will lower your risk levels, and also increase your real estate return levels by a substantial amount. It comes handy when you want to balance profits and losses for various property throughout a given time. The application provided by the Davos investment comes with several features. It brings in an improved performance level, a diversification criteria and improvement in management of property.

The Davos group currently deals with strategic partnership in multiple real estate agents recognized both locally and internationally. The company has expanded its area of jurisdiction to other parts of the world such as Europe. The firm handles several projects geared to providing quality services.

Davos Real Estate Group, abbreviated as REG is an independent company which is a branch of Davos Financial Group. The Real Estate group was created as a subsidiary company of the financial group.With so many people using their mobile devices today, the launch of the application opens a door for many opportunities in the real estate market. Clients affiliated with Davos REG can now engage with real estate property even when traveling. Such personnel are always sure to be up to date with their financial trends.

David Osio is the Director General and founder of Davos Financial Group. He is a philanthropist businessman who lives in Latin America. As the founder of Davos Group, he has provided financial assistance to other startup companies in the general Latin America. The Davos Group has been recognized internationally for the quality services the company offers. The firm has been a financial leader in the Latin America market for close to two decades now.

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Those UK Merchants and Vintners

There are a great number of exceptional and well respected UK VINTNERS to choose from. In fact, by merely typing in the words UK VINTNERS… may indeed find quite a bit to choose from. UK VINTNERS are many and have much to offer in taste and selection as a whole.

To list but a few out of the many, many which are out there, we have: THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF VINTNERS, UKV PLC, THE VINTNERS COMPANY, SOCIETY OF VINTNERS, MERCHANT VINTNERS, YORKSHIRE VINTNERS, and UK VINTNERS OF LONDON. These are all well respected and trusted UK-based vintners in their area, serving and giving the best that they have to offer……each and every one in its own unique and special way. No two are alike.

To quote a bit of useful and quite interesting background information on one such company listed above, I begin:

“The Vintners’ Company’s ownership of swans, shared with the Crown and the Dyer’s Company, is well known and the historic ceremony of ‘Swan Upping’, the annual census of the swan population, takes place in July on certain stretches of the river Thames.The wonderful facilities of Vintners’….”

Learn more about the history of The Vintners Company here.

This appears to be a very quality loving and well prepared business and company/web site as a whole. UK Vintners are very knowledgeable and well versed in the business and sale of wines, staying on top of the market.

We also have the special SOCIETY OF VINTNERS, which has caught my eye in a very unique way. For one, this society was founded upon and originally begun by a group of five men back in the early 1970s. They had a vision and a desire to purchase and sell wine in attempts to beat the market place competition at the time, and to truly stand out from the crowd….as they say. With time, they have grown to become the pillar in UK VINTNERS which they are today….and are not planning on backing down from that any time soon. Wherever there is growth, potential, and success—be it few or much—–there is always room for more. This company of vintners seems to be headed in that direction.