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Securus Technologies Is a Great Option For Communicating With a Loved One In Jail

Securus Technologies is an innovative program that has been providing inmates and their family members and/or friends to take advantage of an opportunity of communicating with one another through methods of video conferencing without actual visitation sessions at the correctional facility. This is made possible by select correctional facilities allowing the utilization of the innovative program that is made by Securus Technologies. It is a great way for individuals to keep in touch with one another regardless of the circumstances.


Many people who have been in jail or their friends and/or family members who went to go visit may be familiar with the processes that are entailed with setting up a visitation appointment. It can be difficult to set up an appointment at a time that is most convenient for the visitor as jails are often quite busy. Due to the busy times of jails, the jail facilities are usually the ones who will be providing the visitor(s) with a time to visit the inmate. However, it is also important to note that the visitor(s) may not be able to visit during the hours that are provided for them to make their visit. Due to such circumstances, some find it difficult to keep in touch when one is jailed. Securus Technologies has made communicating with those who are in jail much easier than it would have been had the program not been available for usage.


BBB is an accreditation organization that approves businesses in pertinence to whether or not they are viable options of conducting business with. Securus Technologies has received that approval and has become well reputed as being an optimal provider of the services that they are providing for communities to use for their needs of communications. Sign up for an account to begin your communications today!


Arthur Becker; A man of many means

Arthur Decker is the chairperson as well as the chief executive officer of Zinio. Before this role, Mr. Becker served NaviSite as the chief executive officer. NaviSite is a NASDAQ quoted firm that focuses on the provision of application management and technology services to its clients in the United States, and the United Kingdom. NaviSite has its offices in United States, United Kingdom, and India. Through these offices, NaviSite provides data center hosting as well as cloud-based application services to businesses. Mr. Becker has also served as the senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion firm for seven years. He is also a remarkable private investor. He is focused on sectors of technology and real estate. He began investing privately when Time Warner bought NaviSite in 2011. once said in an article that Becker can be termed as a man of many means in layman’s language. Apart from his renowned involvement in the technology industry, Becker has thrived impeccably to be ranked among the best real estate investors in the United States. When it comes to finding profitable real estate investment opportunities, Becker has the Midas touch. Recently, Becker acquired a lucrative investment at Sullivan Street. He now owns three elegant and primly located townhouses in this street. He took over the investment before it was completed and said that he would take one townhouse for himself.

The new acquisitions were among the homes that Madison Equities and Property Market Groups Developed. Mr. Becker agreed to take ownership of the properties in exchange for his stake in the new developments by Madison Equities and Property Market Groups. These properties are in lucrative locations and will appreciate once they are completed.

He also creates his fortune in the technology industry. Zinio, the company he serves as Chief Executive Officer, is involved with the distribution of digital magazines. His most influential role in his technology career will, however, remain to be his eight years’ service as CEO at NaviSite. Mr. Becker is also a managing director of the Madison Technologies. He has been serving this role since 2001. In a nutshell, Mr. Becker has outstanding leadership skills; he has created a diverse and stellar track record in his career over his years of service, garnering unparalleled competence and experience.

To learn more about Mr. Becker, visit his Linked In profile.

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Cotemar’s Success In The Oil And Gas Industry

With over thirty six years of skills and experience in the oil and gas service industry, Cotemar continues to make a name for itself. The company offers three services to the clients. The company develops their clients offshore oil fields and maintains them to confirm to their specifications. It also offers transportation of personnel and other products to the clients and finally offers accommodation for the clients. The company concentrates on training their employees are who are useful in ensuring that the clients get what they are paying for and more. The company works with Petroleos Mexicanos and other big firms in the oil and gas industry for these services.



Cotemar takes so much pride for their philosophy. The company uses technology and their skilled employees to produce hydrocarbons following sustainable methods. The organization ensures that they meet the competencies set aside and ensure a level of professionalism all the time. Their commitment to their clients pushes them to doing all it takes to make them happy and satisfied. Their commitment to the environment entails creating awareness of the dangers of air and environmental pollution. The code of ethics at Cotemar is well detailed and communicated, which is the main contributor of the company’s success.



Over the last years, the company has fueled the petroleum silent revolution in Mexico. The company has been in the industry for decades and is one of the biggest employers. The company has several units comprising of food and hospitality, engineering departments and also accounts among others. In all these departments the company hires staff who are trained and helped to achieve growth and development in their careers.



The current general director is Sir. Humberto, who works tirelessly with the rest of the staff to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are met, always. Moreover he leads the management to ensure that employees are appreciated and treated well. Working at Cotemar is indeed a pleasant environment. The company offers accommodation meals and recreational facilities for their employees as well. They are encouraged to unwind at the hotels which gives them a sense of belonging and fulfillment in working for the company.


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Filosofía Cotemar

EOS Storms into Lip Balm Market Using Modern Innovation and Big-business Principles

With the partnership of Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathon Teller, the EOS company entered into a market previously dominated by century-old companies like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. The article on explores why they chose the lip balm industry and how they used an entrepreneurial approach with big-business principles to launch such a successful product.

Mehra and Teller saw potential in this market when they noticed that the tube-design of lip balm had not changed for over a century. The design was based mostly on cost-efficiency rather than sensory appeal. The two wanted to create something more distinguishable; so it wouldn’t get lost in handbags and applicable; to eliminate the inconvenience of using a finger. The team decided on a radical change in design that would target style-savvy, millennial women. The orb they created was meant to stimulate all 5 senses with pleasing features such as a smooth feel, pastel color, good smell and taste, and even a satisfying click sound when opened. In the end, they set the product at a similar price as other brands, but kept the ingredients all organic.

With the design finished, Mehra and Teller had the obstacle of getting the product on the market. Many of the potential buyers they approached believed that customers were creatures of habit and would not stray from buying the original brands. However, the pleasurable EOS lip balm design caught the eye of a female buyer for Walgreens and they were soon selling in Amazon, Target, Well, Walmart, eBay( and other large convenience stores. Along with magazine and television ads, the team used social media to spread praise for their new product. This included partnerships. Mehra and Teller continue their innovation by putting out new collections as well as new products like shave cream and lotions that keep the EOS brand on the market.


Top Seven Wine Companies in the UK

UK Vintners are known have some of the best wines worldwide, and many of them still reign supreme. The following are seven of the proven top wine companies in the UK:

1. Baron Wines, the contact information for these UK Vintners is 18 South St London W1K 1DG, telephone- +44 (0) 207 268 2472, fax- +44 (0) 207 268 2431, and email- [email protected] This is a family owned merchant of Burgundy that is established in 2010 by Adam and Daniel Argeband, who are brothers. They are located in London.

2. Bon Coeur Fine Wines Ltd, their contact information is Gill Head Farm Warthermarske Masham Ripon North Yorkshire HG4 4JR, telephone- 01765 688200; and fax- 01765 688244. This business launched in 1994, and it has developed a great following among UK trade, corporate, and private customers in providing high quality wine for good prices.

3. Bordeaux Index Ltd, the contact information for these UK Vintners are as follows: 10 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8AH, telephone- +44 (0) 20 7269 0703, fax- +44 (0) 20 7269 0701, and email- [email protected] Launched in 1997, it is the only true 24-hour wine company.

4. BWI, the contact information for this company is 2 The Mews, 16 Holly Bush Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3TH, United Kingdom, telephone- +44 (0) 1732 779343, fax- +44 (0) 1732 469393, and email- [email protected] It is now known as Grand Vin Wine Merchants UK, and it was established in 1998 by Andy Lench, a Bordeaux expert.

5. Falcon Vintners, Trident Business Centre, 89 Bickersteth Road, London SW17 9SH, telephone- +44 (0)208 516 7780, and fax- +44 (0)208 516 7781 is all their contact information. Established in 1995, these UK Vintners were recently awarded the Italian Specialist Award by Wine Guide.

6. Farr Vintners, the contact information for this organization is 220 Queenstown Road, London SW8 4LP, telephone- +44 (0)20 7821 2000, fax- +44 (0)20 7821 2020, and email- [email protected] It has been in business since 1978, and they are still standing strong. Thus, for a decade, they hold the title of Britain’s largest wholesale fine wine merchant.

7. Frazier´s Wine Merchants, Stirling Road, Shirley Solihull, West Midlands B90 4NE, email- [email protected], and telephone- +44 (0)121 704 3415 Fax: +44 (0)121 711 2710 is this company’s contact information. They are based in Birmingham, England.

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New App Helps Clients See Return on Investment

David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group have launched a new mobile app that allows clients to see the future value of real estate property. The app would calculate the estimated return on real estate investments to see if they are worth the risk. Davos Real Estate Group is one of the many companies that fall under the Davos Financial Group, an independent financial group in Latin America. The Davos Financial Group has the goal of helping each individual client devise an investment strategy to help them capitalize on wealth. They offer high quality products with premium quality customer service to give clients the best possible investment advise.


Gerard González, executive director of the Davos Real Estate Group, has been collaborating with Tecknolutions to create this new app. This app will be the first in a series of apps. They wanted a useful app after the costs of the real estate and other finances are included. The application is available on both Apple and Android devices. It is the beginning in a series of apps. The app will identify properties through your device and then forward historical real estate reports. The app will help them financially guide their clients to make good decisions. Investors can figure such things as rent on a potential property.


Other apps could include things like the Mortgage calculator, where it would calculate the mortgage of a property based on the current interest rate and other factors. This company has been refocusing their goal and mission. They have been developing new strategic partnerships with companies internationally. They have been adding agents in other countries to expand their business. They want to fulfill their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They have increased their agents by more than 60 % to eventually increase their overall sales.


David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, which is a group of independent companies. He believes in a hands-on approach to his leadership and has helped the company to grow in profit and expand their borders globally. This group is a comprehensive financial service firm that offers services through different independent companies to help customers reach their maximum earning potential.

Follow him @david_j_osio

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The Promising Future of Investing in Gold

For centuries, gold has played a primary role in the success of many nations’ economies. Gold continues to be a solid, long-term investment simply because it is one of the most highly recognized values across the world. Investing in gold comes with many advantages that are sure to help secure your financial future. Without a doubt, gold remains one of the world’s most popular investments for a large variety of reasons.


One of the most notable reasons why gold is a solid investment is the fact that it can be cashed out anywhere in the world. The liquidity of gold is unparalleled to any other type of investment. No matter where you travel to in the world, you can easily convert gold into cash.


Gold is a product that holds its value incredibly well. The price of gold itself is on an upward trajectory. Throughout 2016 alone, the value of gold increased 18% to a total value of $1,250 per ounce. The gold market is one that actually rises in value during periods of inflation. Investing in gold now will undoubtedly result in financial gain.


Paper money investments are simply not the best option for anyone anymore. The value of the U.S. dollar is too unpredictable. Let’s face it — during periods of great economic uncertainty, the U.S. Federal Reserve pumps out trillions of newly printed dollars. Doing so directly impacts the actual value of the dollar, driving it downward. Unlike paper money, there is only a finite amount of gold available. For this reason, gold cannot be mass produced. These negative periods drive the demand for gold products through the roof, increasing its value dramatically.


Gold is often considered a recession-proof asset, which is exactly what everyone needs right now with the uncertain economy.During periods when the U.S. dollar value deteriorates, gold values increase. This is a common trait for gold during periods of turmoil. More individuals turn to gold as an investment opportunity, thus driving up the demand and value of the product. With the uncertainty of the current United States economy, gaining foot in the gold market is a sound investment.


Without a doubt, investing in gold is a sure way to gain and maintain financial security. Whether you choose to invest in the gold market, or stock up on gold coins and products, maintaining your investment will ensure a promising future. There is no better time than now to get involved and invest.

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Chris Burch and the Future of Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch has come out as a man of many talents. Apart from being the CEO of highly successful companies, he is a fashion guru who follows trends in scientific advancements. His two successful companies have seen him become noted as a billionaire in the cover of Forbes. His background in the technology industry has seen him compare fashion and technology. Quite often, he speaks about the relationship between fashion and technology. He has talked about how one industry has propelled the other to development.


Chris Burch wrote an article about technology and fashion in the past. He illustrated the example by using how music and technology are related. There was the introduction of the boom box in the early 70s. What made the product a success was that it added an aesthetic appeal to the owner. Apart from that, the product was featured in several films. Later in the 80s, the boom box increased its values, and it became the talk in several television and radio station outlets. That showed a deep relationship between fashion and the culture at that time. Later in the 90s, the Walkman hit the markets. It was a smaller radio that became more fashionable to carry. Many people that bought the product purchased it for its aesthetic appeal.


Burch went ahead to talk about the different advancements in fashion and how it has protected people. He noted that there was a system created which involved cyclists wearing protective gear around their necks. The system works like an airbag which pops out of the neckwear during accidents. It prevents injury on the cyclist’s head. Another fashion-forward trend that Burch discussed was with the application of Frontline Gloves used by firefighters. The gloves allow firefighters to use basic hand gestures to let others know whether everything is okay or not. Other hand gestures let people know whether it is time to evacuate a location.


Chris Burch has always shown an interest in technology and fashion. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, and he serves as the Chief Operating Officer. The company has created several innovative solutions that are meant to cover market needs. Chris Burch has grown to become highly successful thanks to his creativity and imagination. Everyone in the company knows that Chris Burch has an eye for the emerging markets. Many people find his impact in the market as highly direct, positive, and one that causes a big impact on customers.

Bruce Levenson’s Stint With The Hawks A Major Success

Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks recently for a record amount for an Atlanta franchise according to, and he helped the team achieve major success in a place where they were not so good in the past. This article explains how Bruce brought success back to a site that was lacking, and there is a look at how he has made the Hawks into a contender in the eastern conference.

#1: He Purchased The Team Out Of Love

Bruce grew to love the Hawks while he was part of a much larger ownership group, and he purchased the team when the group disbanded. He took over the team because he loved it, and he wanted the team to use the templates from other great franchises to build a winner. His plans were met with great success, and they set a team record for wins not long after he took over.

#2: Winning 60 Games In A Season

Bruce Levenson may have the best ownership record in Hawks history. The team won 60 games for the first time under his leadership, and they became a team that other clubs in the NBA truly respected. They created a culture that allowed for fine players to visit the club, and they host in a large city that players want to live in. Bruce was wise to build a new culture, and he started over a franchise that nearly went to the NBA finals.

The leadership of Bruce Levenson changed the face of the Hawks and Atlanta sports as a whole. He knew how to build a winner given his track record in the business world, and he trusted those around him with the operations that made the team great again. They are looking up with new ownership, and it is all because of the leadership Bruce offered.

Securus video visitation creates real value for all stakeholders

Securus Technologies has continued to deploy its video visitation systems to prisons across the United States. With systems installed in over 2300 prisons, it’s currently the largest video visitation operator in the country. The enormous success of video visitation technology has been spurned on by the benefits, not just to inmates and their families, but to the institutions themselves. These innovative systems have proven to be loved by inmates, officers and management alike.



Virtually home for the holidays and really staying out of trouble


If you watch this moving video, you can get a sense of how important video visitation has become for some inmates trying to stay connected with their families. The harsh truth is that even 10 years ago, such a scene for most inmates in the U.S. prison system would have been impossible. The chance for a prisoner to be there with his family while his son opens presents on Christmas morning adds a level of humanity to the incarceration experience that was previously lacking.


As much of a blessing as the technology is to inmates and families, it’s just as beneficial to guards. Video visitation has dramatically cut down the need for in-person visits and at some institutions has eliminated them altogether. In-person visits had always been the weak point in prison security. Guards needed to be extra vigilant to prevent contraband from being passed when inmates came into physical contact with visitors.


Another serious threat was moving inmates throughout the building. Gang members were often unavoidably brought through areas of the prison controlled by rival gangs. This could lead to extreme violence in the blink of an eye. Corrections officers often found themselves in the middle of an assassination attempt and were left with serious injury. In too many unfortunate cases, guards have lost their lives while transporting prisoners.


Many of the most dangerous gang members were required to be granted visitation under state law. A large problem that prisons have historically faced is the inability to prove that “shot callers” have actually been involved in a crime because they order underlings to do the dirty work. This has led to situations where some of the most extreme, violent psychopaths have been required to be moved throughout the prison by law. Tragically, this has led to officer deaths such as that of Merle Clutts at USP Marion in 1983.


By removing the many risks associated with in-person visits, video visitation has made U.S. prisons much safer for the inmates and the officers who guard them.