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Dr. Mark McKenna Shook Up the Medical World

When Dr. Mark McKenna was asked about how he came up with the idea for OVME, a company that he founded, he shared that he saw ways that the medical world needed to be shook up and he created his company to do that shaking. He grew his medical practice and then he sold it in order to start a company that was meant to change the medical world in a big way.

When he was asked about a trend that excites him in the world today, Dr. Mark McKenna shared that he likes the fact that there is a decline in smoking now. He obviously cares about the good of the people around him and he is happy to see that something unhealthy is becoming less popular. When he was interviewed and asked about a habit that he has that has helped him in the way that he lives, Dr. Mark McKenna shared that he does a lot of reading and that he loves to read.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor who is registered in two states. He has received registration in both Florida and Georgia. He is someone who has touched lives through the time that he has spent working as a medical doctor, and he is someone who grew a great practice. He is someone who has been a part of the world of medicine, and he is someone who has seen the ways that medicine needs to change.

In July of 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna became the founder and CEO of OVME. This company is something that he came up with himself and it is something that is meant to shake up the medical world. The company is one that is focused on technology and reinventing the world of elective healthcare. He is ready to see the world of medicine change, and he wants to be a part of that change.

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Rodrigo Terpins the brazilian rally ace.

Rodrigo terpins is one half or the Terpins brothers who are today part of the cultural phenomenal that is Brazilian rallying. The duo of Rodrigo and Michel Terpins began their passion for rallying at a very young age and were able to nurture this passion into very successful careers today which is something that is very impressive. Rodrigo was so successful in rallying that he was able to convince his brother Michel into moving from Cross-country as a rider where he was already the Brazilian cross country champion into rallying specifically for the T1 prototype. When Michel jumped ship and joined Rodrigo they came together and formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This is the team that they would use to take part in the most important and beloved rally event in Brazil the Sertoes rally. This rally is widely considered the most important event in the Brazilian rally calendar and at any time its participants are the best in rallying in Brazil.

According to Terra News, at the start of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, the two brothers formed the team that competed with Rodrigo being the driver while Michel was the navigator. This was an arrangement that brought the team a lot of success as both we well vast with what they were expected to do and it’s a formula that accorded them a lot of success. The team was able to bring in the MEM motorsport developers who would develop the T-Rex the car that they currently use as a team for all their races. The team has also been able to attract sponsors in droves this includes Eventos, Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Motul and Ohlins, Xarla, Bull Sertões and their support team MEM.The confidence that the team inspires is what has enabled the team to grow with both Michel and Rodrigo taking on driver roles with each taking onboard a navigator to grow the team.

During the 22nd edition, the team took part where they were able to take position six and seven respectively with the team expected to improve in future participation. The T-Rex is also expected to receive some major upgrades to enable it improve performance as well as its handling capacity.

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Securus Technologies Role In Crime Prevention

Inmates are important people in the American society. Although these special group of people have committed several offences in their life times, they deserve to live a good life just like all the other people who are free. The United States has been in the limelight when it comes to taking care of these people in the country. Several private companies have been allowed to offer their technology and communication solutions to all the correctional centers in the country so that the inmates are able to live a good life even when they are far away from home.


Securus Technologies, a private corporation that was founded more than one decade ago has been a leader in the provision of quality services to the people in several American jails. The company is found in Dallas, and its services are given to more than one million prisoners in many correctional facilities. Since it was founded, Securus Technologies has never shied away from ensuring that its customers receive the best services at all times. These products are also very affordable to all the inmates and their families. This means that the inmates and their loved ones do not have to worry about getting the services. Since it was brought into the market, the company is believed to have been instrumental in the reduction of crimes inside and outside the prison facilities.


Just recently, the president of the company, Rick Smith, released a report, talking about the positive reviews the company has been receiving in the recent times. According to the reviews, Securus has been doing a great job, and the number of crimes has significantly gone down in the prisons. Corrupt officials inside the prisons have been exposed due to the kind of technology that is embraced by the private company. The quality of the services is very high too.


Jason Hope’s Contribution to SENS Foundation Helps Advance Modern Medicine

The world of modern medicine is taking a new direction, as seen recently. Unlike the traditional approach, currently, modern medicine seems to be more reactive as it seeks to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place as opposed to treating them once they occur. One of the many factors that have led to the change of tactics is the advancement in research and development. Jason Hope, a renowned techpreneur based in Arizona, is doing all he can to ensure that at least he sees modern medicine research works to fruition, and more information click here.

According to reliable sources, most of Mr. Hope’s philanthropic contributions are always channeled towards SENS Foundation, a not for profit organization that was founded in 2009. SENS Foundation, since its establishment, has been focused on addressing age-related complications through advanced biotechnology. Being a nonprofit organization, SENS Foundation has been relying heavily on the help of private researchers, individuals, scientist, and wealthy philanthropists such as Jason Hope. Mr. Hope is no stranger to this organization. His involvement with SENS Foundation can be traced back to the half a million dollars he contributed in 2010. Thanks to this generous contribution, the organization was able to put in place new research strategies and also construct a laboratory to help advance their work.

In addition to funding the organization, Mr. Jason Hope also plays a vital role in publicizing the activities of the organization. Being a futurist, Hope believes that SENS Foundation anti-aging approach to modern medicine is the future of healthcare. According to Hope, through rejuvenating medicine, we will be able to understand more about the causes of the body complications hence preventing them before they occur rather than treating them after they have occurred, and his Linkedin.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope wears many hats; he is a successful investor, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist who was born and brought up in Arizona, Tempe. Education-wise, Mr. Hope was a finance student at Arizona State University where later advanced his education to an MBA holder at the same institution, W.P. Carey School of Business, and

Currently, Jason Hope is a famed futurist who has built his tech career predicting and investing in modern technology. His specialty is always in the area of The Internet of Things (IoT). Business aside, Jason Hope is a philanthropist and has contributed heavily to the education sector and health sector. Through this contribution, Mr. Jason hopes to impact positively on the community.

Imran Haque Delivers Quality Healthcare to his People

Internal Medicine expert, Imran Haque lives in Asheboro, North Carolina. In this city, he runs a medical foundation called Horizontal Internal Medicine where he treats and cures many diseases for his patients. His hospital is committed towards quality and affordable healthcare. The services offered by his qualified staff have increased the number of clients that they serve.

Having studied at the University of Virginia and Universidad Iberoamericana he has honed skills in medicine and surgery which are his areas of specialization. Concentrating majorly in one career has perfected his knowledge as a medical doctor.

It is from constantly practicing what we can do best that we form the habit of succeeding in every part of it. Not only has Imran Haque treated his profession as a career but also as a tool he uses to connect with the pain and sufferings of his patients. Having done this for more than ten years, he has adopted the habit of showing concern and compassion for his patients.

Additionally, he has taken up many interviews with media houses and through these, he has managed to create awareness about his services. In consequence, patients have consulted with him in pursuit of reliable medical care. Horizontal Internal Medicine has therefore helped in saving lives of many.

Some terminal illnesses such as diabetes and coronary heart problems have been contained considering the advanced medical equipment that his clinic harbors. The use of technology has thereupon simplified the procedures involved when attending to patients.

Most of all, technology and availability of qualified personnel have helped in speeding up the operations of his clinic. This has granted them the ability to serve many patients within a short period of time.

There are some medical conditions that are unbearable but Imran Haque’s team of qualified physicians has managed to contain such. The clients are happy to have discovered Horizontal Internal Medicine for treatment because it has improved their livelihoods. With advanced healthcare, people are able to report to daily activities.

In conclusion, a country’s economy only grows if its citizens are healthy enough to report to work. This improves the production of their companies hence earning revenue to the nation. Needless to say, Horizontal Internal Medicine has gifted North Carolina with exactly what it needs.

The Rise of Bernardo Chua and His Organo Gold Product Line

Bernardo Chua is getting a reputation as an astute businessman that knows the value of marketing through the internet. He has managed to create a brand called Organo Gold that has been able to thrive largely because of the social media buzz that has been associated with this product line.

He has been able to become quite successful because he has managed to market products to the mom-and-pop shops and people that would prefer to acquire products that were different from the mainstream. Read  more: Bernardo Chua: Founder And CEO Of Organo Gold

People that have heard about Organo Gold have typically heard about the healing agent that is part of this product line. That makes it an exceptional product that does not look like anything else that is on the market today. That may be the major selling point that allows Chua to spread quite a bit of social media Buzz through Twitter and Facebook.

People have the chance to really connect with this brand and get an idea of the assortment of products that are available through Organo Gold. It has become one of the most interesting facets of the career of Bernardo Chua.

Zoominfor revealed that Bernado Chua has developed other products in the past, but the main thing that people are recognizing him for today is Organo Gold.

Coffee is the centerpiece of this company, but Bernardo realized that there was a lot of potential to grow the company with other beverages like tea and skin care products that all contained the healing agent that made the Organo Gold coffee so popular.

So far people have been interested in seeing what Bernardo Chua is doing next, and they really want to get a chance to experience more from the Organo Gold brand. There is a lot of excitement in the air about the things that he is doing with his product line.

It is evident that he is planning to utilize social media even more in the future to take this to a completely new fan base with coffee drinkers.

Bernardo truly loves the way that the customers are reacting to his products, and he is improving this product line.

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Betsy DeVos political and philanthropic journey

Betsy is happily married to Dick DeVos, and they are blessed with four children. The couple is well known for their kind heart and philanthropic history. They own the famous Windquest Group, and Betsy DeVos works as the managing chair. The DeVos family business is located in Michigan. They focus on technology, manufacturing and water services. The duo also own a Neurocore Company which deals with biofeedback therapy. They help patients with emotional and psychological disorders to retrain their mind and become restored.


Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the Secretary of Education with the government of the US. She has been seen supporting tirelessly education systems which benefits all the citizens of the USA. She has been notable in supporting school voucher programs, school grading system, school choice programs and charter school. Betsy DeVos has the love for education, and she believes it is through the right training that influential leaders get elected to represent the nation properly. She set the pace of the education in a position where it can become a holistic benefit to the learner.


Betsy DeVos has been advocating relentlessly for Detroit Charter School. She has been the chair of the board of Alliance for School Choice for several years. Betsy has also been the head of the All Children Matter PAC as well as Action Institute. After being associated with matters benefiting the citizens like education, Betsy DeVos has become famous in her career.


Betsy DeVos has had many titles for her successful work in various positions. She is famed as the investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a politician. Betsy has been in politics for more than three decades. She always had the passion for politics of change. It is worth noting that Betsy has headed four election periods working with campaign committees, party leaders as well as political parties. In all her civic endeavors she has been fighting for the right education system that suits the American citizens without biases. Betsy has also been the champion of the School Choice Program. She worked as the chairperson of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. In politics, besides supporting education reforms, she advocates for the policies of change in business.


Betsy DeVos has always funded the Republican Party and the causes. She funded for George Bush election Campaign both in 2004 and 2008. Betsy DeVos family has had a long history of supporting the Republican Party with donations. Betsy served in the George Bush government as the head of Finance to the Senatorial Committee.


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Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Lead to Tempus

Eric Lefkofsy is a man with the entrepreneurial spirit. He has founded and co-founded several companies. His mark is on companies like Tempus, Groupon and Uptake Technologies. Tempus is a company that uses its operating system to help fight cancer. The technology they continually update is employed to give doctors additional information from patient studies to fight the dreadful disease. Tempus gathers RNA-seq capture and germline data from patient samples. Around 50,000 patients have their testing results entered into a data base annually. Access to this information is arming doctors with more effective data that could lead to the better treatment of their cancer patients.

With Tempus’ efforts doctor are using the information gathered from the prior treatment of hundreds of patients. Doctors are no longer limited to the information gathered from treating individual patients. The goal of Tempus goal is to give doctors enough reliable treatment knowledge so they can treat patients based on previous successes to insure even more domination over cancer.

The Tempus team all use their knowledge to forge ahead, working to achieve their ultimate goal, domination over cancer. The top team at Tempus has nine leaders that include the co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky; a president; a chief medical officer; a director of pathology; a vice president and general counsel; a senior vice president; a chief operating officer; a chairman; and a scientific advisor.

This team keeps Tempus focused on the task at hand, helping doctors obtain the data they need to analyze a fundamental issue for conquering cancer, the complexities of the genetic code in molecular therapy. Tempus takes genomic sequencing and analyzing it plus its interaction with disease, entering everything into a comprehensive database that doctors can easily access.

Tempus takes the genomic data merging it with statistical analysis to find opportunities to assist physicians in giving effective treatments to cancer patients. Compiling this data in a single secure will make it possible for doctors to offer better care and treatment for the cancer patients. Right now the cancers being evaluated are limited to breast cancer, as well as lung and pancreatic cancer, but the future is bright, because soon every cancer will be represented in Tempus’ database.

Tips on Safeguarding Credit History from Freedom Debt Relief

The Equifax breach is undoubtedly one of the most massive security breaches in America’s financial history. The aftermath left personal details of more than 143 million Americans exposed. Freedom Debt Relief provides a few tips on safeguarding financial account from such attacks and frauds.

  1. Understanding the situation

The first step to securing one’s financial information is to find out if it had been affected by the attack.

  1. Using credit card freeze

Credit card history is a requirement each time one is opening a new credit. Creditors cannot issue credit without it. A credit card freeze allows one to lock up their credit card history using a unique PIN. As a result, it becomes impossible for fraudsters to open new credits using stolen details and more information click here.

  1. Account monitoring

Fraudsters test for an account’s vulnerability using small amounts before attempting great heists. One can catch these by continually checking their credit card and bank accounts regularly for any small discrepancy. It should be done weekly or daily and contact their.

Additionally, credit reports should be carefully checked for sinister entries. Issues such as incorrect credit accounts, addresses, and name misspellings are possible indications of fraudulent activities. They should be handled as soon as possible. The law entitles all to a free annual copy of a credit report from the three main credit bureaus in the country and what Freedom Debt Relief knows.


About Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that specializes in negotiating with creditors to reduce their client’s debt. It offers debt strategies that are both effective and appropriately timed to ensure a person settles their debts in less time. It has experienced debt experts that analyse the customer’s financial situation before negotiating with the creditors. It is a subsidiary of the Freedom Financial Network and their Facebook.

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Daniel Taub Defies Bradford’s MP Call for Israel Boycott

Daniel Taub, an Israel’s ambassador to Britain, visited Bradford despite controversial comments by George Galloway, a Bradford West MP. In his past speeches, Galloway declared Bradford an Israel-free zone. According to the legislature, anything related to Israelis—from goods and services to academics coming to local universities and tourists—was not welcome in the constituency. Read more: In conversation with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

This was not the first time that this Bradford legislature aired such disturbing anti-Israeli bigotry. In a past interview, he’s recorded to have stormed out of a political debate after realizing that his opponent was an Israeli stating that he doesn’t debate with Israelis. He has also claimed in the past that Israelis were responsible for the unrest in Ukraine and issuance of chemical weapons to various terrorist groups, including the Al-Qaeda group.

Despite all these demeaning comments, Daniel Taub was not moved and stated that his visit to the city was as a result of special invitation by the community and would take the opportunity to hold a series of resourceful meetings with local faith leaders, councilors, and other groups. Taub believed that the real voice of the city is inclusion and not exclusion as Galloway portrayed it.

Daniel went ahead to remind Galloway that the conflict that Israel is grappling with is not a conflict between left and right but rather between the past and future. Accordingly, he advised the legislature to stay away from a few people who seemed to be working day and night to draw the region into the past and encouraged him to join them in a bid to make a prosperous future for everybody in the region.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat, a writer, and an international lawyer. He served as an ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015. He is the current strategy and planning director at the celebrated Jerusalem based Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Born and raised in the UK, Taub attended Elstree’s Haberdashers’ Aske Boys School and thereafter studies at London University College, Harvard University, and Oxford University. He moved to Israel in 1989 and worked with the Israel Defense Forces (as a combat medic) and as a reserve officer (International Law Division).

He also worked as a speechwriter to Chaim Herzog, Israelis president. He also served as a legal advisor to a number of Israeli’s missions to the UN in Geneva and New York and represented Israel in a wide range of multilateral fora.