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Gareth Henry on Hedge Funds

According to Gareth Henry, head and global head of investor relations at Fortress Investment Group and Angelo Gordon, investors have become increasingly interesting in hedge funds over the past few years. Gareth Henry has been in the investment industry for years, and he consistently performs to his greatest ability. He is known for his philosophy of staying in constant motion, so his views on investment are well-backed with a thick shell of experience.

Hedge Fund investments, like all other investments, are not known for their perennial stability. In fact, it is quite the opposite; according to Gareth Henry, upon entering the world of the hedge fund investment industry, you will likely find yourself faced with extreme potential consequences and challenge. However, this factor of risk is largely what drives the industry to stay as active and alive as it has been for years.

The financial crisis the United States underwent in 2008, Gareth Henry argues, can be used as a template for learning for future generations. Investments are all about your perspective. If you are only interested in short-term profit, you will likely not find yourself becoming successful. Those who hopped out of the hedge fund investment game in 2008 now find themselves $3 trillion dollars short of what they could have had. Volatile conditions make for unfortunately hasty decisions from those investing in hedge funds, but the true veterans within the industry know when to sell and when to wait it out.

Gareth Henry is not one for slow-paced life. He has fancied working in risky business for decades, now. Becoming accustomed to the volatile state of hedge funds is part of learning to be successful at investing in them. Henry believes that the best way to become proficient in business is by simply being as active as humanly possible. While consequences are potentially drastic when you invest money, you will never benefit from these consequences unless you stick with it.

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The Oil and Gas Industry Is Improved by Matthew Fleeger

The oil and gas industry has many very innovative people working in it. One of these people is Matthew Fleeger. He is the guy currently at the helm of Gulf Coast Western. He has done quite a bit to improve the oil and gas industry as a whole since he took over his current position. When he first started, the oil and gas industry was not known as being very friendly to the environment. However, he has created a variety of guidelines that the people who work for his company must follow. These guidelines are imposed in an effort to protect the environment from being harmed during the company’s exploration for oil and gas. There are other oil and gas companies that are following Fleeger’s lead.

Fleeger has developed the reputation of being an innovator in whatever industry he has gotten involved with. He first started a medical waste disposal company. He streamlined this service to make it faster, more efficient and more profitable. He then moved on to start a couple of tanning salon chains. Once again, he chose to run these companies differently than most tanning salons. His innovations gained him many loyal customers that caused both companies to explode in popularity.

Fleeger is an entrepreneur who always prides himself on taking new challenges. This is something he has done many times and he has yet to fail. Some people might be nervous about taking on the CEO position of an oil and gas company after being in the tanning salon business. However, Fleeger had the opposite approach. He believes that the experience he got in other industries will make him a better leader in whatever type of industry he gets involved with. He also feels that surrounding himself with people who know more than he does about a certain industry will make him a better leader.

Matt Badiali: The expert in Natural Resources Investment.

Matt Badiali holds a bachelors of Science degree, a masters in geology and is pursuing a Ph.D. on the same. He was first introduced to finance in 2004 by a friend who recognized his potential based on the knowledge he has in geology. He got Matt Badiali to start offering investment advice to individual investors. The people that have been following his investment advice over the years receive regular double-digit gains on their investment. Mr. Badiali launched the Real Wealth Strategist, a monthly newsletter with the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. It offers advice on investments and so far it has built a wide network of subscribers who anticipate his stock recommendations.

He is dedicated to assisting investors to identify the best investment opportunity in the mining sector, oil, and even the energy industry. Unlike other investors, Matt Badiali utilizes the “boot on the ground ” approach by traveling to various parts of the world to get more insight into the market. When he wants to talk to an investment expert, he visits them in their location. He has traveled to Switzerland, Iraq, Haiti, Peru, Hong Kong, to mention a few. Additionally, he has visited numerous mines, companies, and other places to search for investment ideas. Matt writes the newsletter by drawing into his experiences.

He has spent decades traveling and writes topics that relate to his experience, which helps in making his stories more appealing to his readers. He has expressed that writing the newsletter on investing in natural resources is not an easy endeavor and it needs unusual skills. According to Matt, resources such as oil, gas, and others are highly speculative and one has to have a deep understanding of the markets, science and the companies to become a successful investor. His financial knowledge and experience in this sector have contributed to making him the perfect fit for offering this form of investment advice. One trend that has excited him in the market is the transition to an electric-centric world. However, he expects the real leap to occur when the municipal-scale battery is invented. It is a big battery capable of powering a small city. He believes that such technology is on its way and once it arrives, it will create a huge disruption. Opens Largest Plant Factory in China which is a global retailer and the largest in China has entered a partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical. Mitsubishi Chemical is a chemical manufacturing plant owned by the Japanese. The two have come together to open a hydroponic plant factory in the city of China. The main purpose of this plant factory is to use advanced and cutting-edge technology in the field of agriculture and also utilize JD’s retail infrastructure. The plant factory occupies close to eleven thousand and forty square meters and uses a hydroponic culturing system. The factory also uses solar light, and the seedling environment is closed and uses artificial light. The factory currently produces an array of products that include cabbage, spinach, lettuce and coriander among others. prides itself in producing quality food options that are nutritious and great healthy options to their customers. wants to ensure that their customers are getting the fresh produce that is safe and is of premium quality. will provide these options to their customers both offline and online and at the 7FRESH stores belonging to is aware that nowadays customers want transparency when it comes to the products that they buy and this they do by tracking the crops from the time they are planted up to delivery. The food market in China, for example, value food safety and puts it as a top priority when purchasing food products. This is because there is a high increase in environmental problems and deterioration as well as the overuse of fertilizers. This new factory will be environmentally friendly to ensure that the growing population in China is fed while not causing any harm to the soil. The factory ensures a standardized production of food crops that are of premium quality by a management system that controls the humidity, temperature, liquid fertilizer and light automatically.

The factory can produce a higher number of vegetables than any other system, and all their vegetables will be available on and 7FRESH. This marks the company’s entry into the fresh produce industry, and they guarantee that the fresh products are treated with uttermost care.

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Marc Beer Strives to Transform the Lives of Many Women

Career Experiences

Marc Beer is known all over the world for significant contributions towards the biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and device industries. He has ventured in other pharmaceutical-related businesses gaining tremendous experiences. Marc Beer is the former CEO to a known pharmaceutical company Aegerion where he worked for almost five years. He also served at the OvaScience company (Nasdaq: OVAS) as the strategic consultant. While working at OvaScience, he made many resolutions that impacted positively to the company. Marc Beer is determined to improve the health services in various organizations. He has received multiple recognitions all over the world as a leader and even as an entrepreneur. Marc Beer primary focus lies on the women health status he strives to make it more comfortable. Learn more:


Marc Beer Philanthropic Activities in Boston

A large group of women all over the world are affected by pelvic floor disorders that make their lives difficult and uncomfortable. Most of them are not courageous enough to see medical help as they are afraid of what other people will say. Marc Beer has provided a remedy by establishing a Renovia health center in Boston where he serves as the CEO. He contributed about $32 million to series B round and approximately $10 million in venture debt. This health center is focused on carrying out research and coming up with the necessary solutions for various disorders affecting the women such as the Urinary incontinence. They have hired a group of experts with tons of experiences to develop diagnostic and therapeutic products as treatment.


Boston-based Medtech company uses advanced technologies to research to benefit more than 250 million women all over the world. Marc Beer has provided his health center with proprietary sensor technologies and a digital health platform. This contribution has enabled many patients to access significant information about new treatment methods as well as the understanding of the signs and symptoms of pelvic disorders.


Up to date, Renovia medical center has established various solutions including the Leva device that has transformed the lives of many women with disorders. FDA approves the company’s products before being administered to the patients.


Besides the modern technology and contribution from Marc Beer, Renovia has partnered with Long Wood Fund. Long Wood invested money to Renovia to fund their research program that aims at developing four more therapeutic and diagnostic products. Both Long Wood and Renovia have common objectives and vision which is to create a better lifestyle for the patients all over the world. They aim at providing relatively cheap products and services as well as high-qualified products as compared to other health-based centers.


Many clients have given positive feedback on how the Renovia`s diagnostic and therapeutic products have enabled them to manage their pelvic disorders. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


Contributions of Alastair Borthwick to the Society

The late Alastair Borthwick legacy as a journalist and a writer will be remembered and passed from one generation to the other. He died at the age of 90 years, in South Ayrshire where he lived with his wife and his son. Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen in 1913. He went to Glasgow high school he later left school after securing a job at Evening Times to distribute the newspapers to the customers. Alastair Borthwick was very passionate and determined after being employed at Glasgow Weekly. He became an editor for various children articles. His work at Glasgow Weekly motivated him to write an article about hiking activity that was previously thought to be for the rich people, but with time it was becoming popular among other people.

Borthwick participated in hiking during the weekends; he would sleep under rocks explore nature in Scottish hills. Most of the hikers were the unemployed people who decided to relieve their stress by participating in this nature exploring experience. They believed that one could not sweat and worry at the same time. The hiking experience inspired Borthwick to write a book known as ‟Always A Little Further.”

The readers of the book always find it interesting as he has used memorable characters, vivid description as well as humor. ‟Always A Little Further” is unique as it is a record of the events that took place during hiking.

When the Second World War started Alastair Borthwick joined the sea forth military, he was determined and hence was promoted to become the rank of a captain. He led the battalion to war using the strategy of digging behind the Germans at night; he also spent most of his time as an intelligence officer for the Seaforth Group. Before the end of the war, Alastair Borthwick was given off time by John Sym. Alastair had various experiences working with British Army Units in Sicily where he held multiple positions.

Alastair decided to document his experiences during the war by writing a second book known as ‟Sans Peur” which explains how the average civilians won a battle.

Rebel Wilson An Australian Born Star Who Has Found Her Mojo in Hollywood

One of the most awaited movies in the year 2018 is “Isn’t It Romantic”, a comedy movie produced by New Line Cinema and distributed by Warner Bros, with the lead role played by Rebel Wilson. She is one of those actresses who have been able to change how the world looks at a lead female actor through her naturally bold look and exceptional acting abilities. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Rebel Wilson completed her initial training in acting from the Australian Theater for Young People, where she even won the international scholarship that fueled her ambition to move to the United States. The good thing about her acting is that she comes across as naturally humorous and it is what has helped her win the heart of audiences from around the world.

Rebel Wilson first started her career in 2003 by playing the role of Toula in a movie Fat Pizza and then on, she never had to look back. The recent movie, Isn’t It Romantic is a movie that is based on the premise that she is in love with the rom-com from her childhood.

The dream of being in a rom-com came true for her in real life after she was attacked by a thief in the subway that gave her a blow on her head. After waking up, Rebel Wilson’s character enters an alternative life where everything is like a rom-com series. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The dream of the character to live a life of an actress in a rom-com movie comes true for her in real life. Rebel Wilson has undergone a massive transformation from what she was like in her childhood. Rebel Wilson believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are passionate about it and don’t let go of their dreams no matter how many obstacles come in their way. She had to face many haters and doubters in her career as well, but she proved them all wrong with her acting and skills.

Rebel Wilson is also proud to have a clothing line inspired by her. In an interview, she shared her struggle with finding fashionable clothes that fit her. Since she was on the heavier side, she always had to settle for less. But, she released a new clothing line with Torrid that would allow plus-size women to be fashionable and more than anything feel good about themselves.

She is an inspiration for young women who feel that they are not good enough. She inspires women to go out there and do what they love without thinking about what others think about it. If they are good at it, they will surely succeed no matter what others say.

Rebel Wilson might have succeeded, but she remembers from where she comes from. She always goes back to her old school and the neighborhood where she grew up to give something back. Now that she is famous, she gets a lot of attention when she is there but, she feels more connected with people there and only wishes she can go back more often than she does.

Jacob Gottlieb; Founder of Visium Plots a Comeback in Hedge Fund Investment

Like a phoenix, Jacob Gottlieb wants to rise again. After closing his hedge fund in 2016, Gottlieb is considering on raising money to start another hedge fund. Jacob Gottlieb liquidated his Visium Asset Management LP after his staffers were accused of insider trading. However, Gottlieb was never accused of wrongdoing.

In an interview where he highlighted his plans for a comeback, Mr. Gottlieb said that he loves investing and that is what he has been doing since he was a teenager. He went on to say that that is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

As a testimony to his determination to investments, the 46 year old has opened a family office by the name Altium Capital which he uses mostly for managing his personal wealth. At Altium, Mr Jacob Gottlieb works with other six employees, whereby his brother, Mark Gottlieb serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Like Visium, Altium Capital focuses its investments mainly in healthcare, as well as stock trading in the same.

At the time when Visium Asset Management was winding up, Mr. Gottlieb had promised that he had not the luxury to relax for long. True to his word, it seems like Mr. Gottlieb is making a comeback with a thud. Being a medical doctor, it seems his main area of focus is healthcare-centered hedge fund. While giving his opinion on why he wants to focus on healthcare, he pointed out that most firms have gone public thus their potential for value creation and destruction is huge.

Mr. Jacob Gottlieb had founded Visium in 2005 and at the peak of its growth; the company was managing a fund worth $8 billion. According to Wall Street Journal, Visium’s healthcare flagship fund, Visium Balanced Fund had an annualized return of 14.3% from 2001 to 2015. Of this, four years (2001-2005), Mr. Gottlieb managed the strategy in different accounts. However, in 2016, the fund lost 9.3% when senior employees of the company were charged of insider trading and mismarking securities.

The Career of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a professional in the financial services industry who has spent much of his career as a top executive. Briger has been a member of two of the top investment management firms in the world. He spent many years at Goldman Sachs where he was one of the firm’s partners for a few years. Today, he currently works at the private equity investment firm Fortress Investment Group. His experiences at these firms have allowed him to establish himself as one of the most prominent executives in the financial services industry. Peter Briger has been able to amass a vast fortune from his years as an executive. He was recently named as one of the richest Americans according to Forbes. With his wealth, Peter has been able to give back to his community.

For a number of years Peter Briger worked in the financial services industry. One of his most notable professional experiences was when he was a member of Goldman Sachs. At this firm, Peter was heavily involved in working with the firm’s operations in the Asian markets. Peter was responsible for expanding the firm to Asia as well as establishing clientele from that region. Briger was a member of many committees that were associated with the Asian markets. He was also responsible for overseeing the credit securities division at the firm as well. By 1996, Peter would be promoted to a partnership position at the firm.

By the early 2000’s Peter Briger decided to leave Goldman Sachs and pursue opportunities at other investment firms. Peter joined Fortress Investment Group where he would again manage the credit division of the firm. He would also become a member of the management committee which allowed him to demonstrate his leadership skills. Peter was quite active in helping the firm expand as well as operate as a highly efficient investment management firm. After working at the firm for a number of years at its New York office, Peter was transferred to the San Francisco office location where he currently serves as the co chief executive officer and one of the firm’s principals.

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OSI Group: The Beginning of Everything

OSI Group did not have much of a global presence as it started earlier when it was still in its grassroots. The multinational company, as well as a food provider, had a humble beginning of a father looking to settle down and provide for his family after immigrating to the United States. Currently, the company has over twenty thousand employees working under its umbrella and has over sixty-five facilities spread over twenty countries. OSI Group and the history of the American economy especially in the twentieth century are connected by the hip. It gives a detailed account of how the small butcher shop made its entry into the major corporate league and how the country’s economy evolved from a home-based market to a globalized economy.

OSI started journey at a time when many were immigrating into the United States looking to achieve and live the American dream. It was at a crucial time during the twentieth century that a German immigrant by the name Otto kolschowsky came to settle in Chicago among the community that was in Illinois. He and his family made up the quarter population that was of German descent that resided in the city. The positioning of his settlement helped him as the town was a hub of industrial activity as well as a gateway for other immigrants as well.

As the others moved on to establish plantations as well as farms in the plains, Otto decided to stay in the city and set a butcher as it was the expert leadership skill that he had come with from his native country.OSI Group started to take shape at the commencement of the economic expansion that was as a result of the postwar strategy to make America great again. It was at this time that a great business alliance was formed that was to change the fate of the family as well as of their business. Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in the same area of Illinois in 1955. An agreement sealed with a handshake saw Otto, and his sons Harry, as well as Arthur, be the first suppliers to the expanding franchise.

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